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Any Jay Peak regulars here?

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I was up at Jay Peak this past weekend (3/26 and 3/27) and I was riding the Flyer quad in the morning I saw a guy who was apparently wearing x-country skis working his way up on both Saturday and Sunday morning. He was making scarily fast progress and at one point I saw him working uphill through the Upper Exhibition mogul run. Anyone know who this guy is? Regular sight at Jay Peak? Does he just ski back down or does he ride the tram down? I've seen a number of people snowshoeing up the trails at Cannon, but seeing somebody x-country ski their way up is a new one to me.
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i've seen people skin up ski areas in the east before. it's generally at areas that offer OB options; however. would figure people would be skinning up what they are skinning down if they were interested in OB, but a packed down groomed ski trail would likely make for better skinning than breaking trail up a foot of fresh. might also be people doing winter peak bagging if the ski trails are easier to ascend than the hiking trails.
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i was there sunday, the only thing i saw unusual was a guy who looked like dusty hill of zztop(long grey beard), that and an amazing amount of beautiful women skiing alone over by the jet side. oh how i love spring skiing! now if only they could come up with some sort "hey im single ski fashion wear"...by the way the hill was great sunday wasnt it?
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Hmmm...I'm a regular but I don't know who this person is. I don't remember hearing about a local doing this on a regular basis. I'll email my husband to see if he knows (he's a patroller at Jay). I seem to recall a few weeks ago, seeing a guy skinning up, but he was on AT gear.

Uniontire: The mountain WAS great this weekend, wasn't it?

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it was amazing, got to ski the chutes under the tram , found where the backcountry 242 trail starts, didnt ski it because of the stern warning concerning compasses and long walks..lol, but next year look out....bottom line, the trails were great as always.....and of course the glades... , well worth the drive!
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Uniontire: We couldn't believe that the chutes below the tram were actually bumped up Sunday! Some of the patrollers did Big Jay (what you refer to as backcountry 242) this weekend and said it was very heavy snow, not corned up yet, with a lot of snow still. And yes, if you don't come out at the right place, you can have a very long walk out, so best to go with someone who knows the trip for your first few times out.

Kevin: My husband says it's possible that you saw the son of one of the ski patrollers. He's a graduate of Dartmouth and was a racer. My husband has seen him a few times going up the trails in the morning.

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Thanks for the replies. I was taking a mellow weekend as that might have been my last weekend this season, but I ducked into a couple of the easier-looking glades (put a couple more bark-colored scratches into the helmet !) and just cruised around. I agree that snow conditions were s-w-e-e-t on Sunday.

ThatsAGirl: I should have posted before I went up asking if there were any Bears who were Jay Peak regulars. I might have to try to get a guided tour from you sometime next season -- I found the layout to be a bit confusing somehow. (I'll have to get a lot better at bumping before I dive into some of those glades or take the plunge in the chutes off the top ). Assuming it's not a powder day of course since apparently even your husband isn't your friend on a powder day : .
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Kevin, it sounds like you had a great day. Yes, the mountain can be a bit confusing until you've become familiar with it. I am always willing to give a guided tour of Jay! Even if there's some fresh powder...

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Just out of curiousity, do the front chutes still have enough snow, I was thinking about heading up for the 9th and 10th, but if the chutes are open I'll almost definately head up.
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Manus, it's hard to say how much snow there will be by the 9th and 10th. We were fortunately spared most of the rain yesterday, but I haven't been to the mountain to SEE what it looks like. Prior to this past weekend, we hadn't had temps above freezing at the summit, so the snow has been holding up quite well. Just don't know whether that'll be true by the 9th...

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yeah the chutes did have some bumps, which i found all the more cooler of an experience, and my only advice is to anyone going to jay, if they are open do them!, i hope the slides at whiteface will be open this weekend.....
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Done everything but the Chutes, never there on the right day. How difficult are they, assuming the snow is spring soft?
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The chute arent that hard themselfs its just getting to them. The entrance to them is very tight(especially the one that is bumped up under the tram) requires some hop turn or sidesliping if your not so brave . Other than that they are a ton of fun and its cool when your turn and send snow down to the bottom.
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