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Bear and two Cubs at Mt. Snow

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I guess 'cause even bears can't pass up a perfect ski day, A black bear sow and her two cubs were spotted Sunday enjoying the perfect spring conditions available on HOP and RIDGE. These trails are especially well suited to the junior bear cubs.

The patrol made a speedy recon to assess any posible danger to our true natives, but due to light guest traffic in the area, not intervention was required.

Peace and harmony prevailed.

The skiing was FANTASTIC!

Just another instance of Bears in the Woods!


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Sweet, always carry the camera for such stuff.
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A pretty stocky deer scampered across a trail right in front of me in early March at Silver Creek WV. It was pretty cool, even though I see dozens of deer in my yard at home every week. Seemed to be a different kind of deer than the Whitetails we have around here.

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