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Stevens Pass - A good laugh is priceless...

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Well, actually, in my case it was a bit more like $460 a person. Ack!

Still, the following *is* pretty priceless. Got it via e-mail today. The big new news: as an extra incentive to buy a new pass by 4/30, they'll let me buy in-lodge season long wireless Internet access for only 30 bucks instead of fifty! WOW, I'm so excited I'm gonna pee my pants. That puts me over the top! I'm gonna run right out and buy a bunch of new passes! NOT!

Whatever their process for recruiting marketing types is - they need to change it big time...

Once again - I "feel their pain". But I feel mine too. I know they don't owe me anything. But given the current deal, I'm not gonna rise to the bait this time around

Spring Season Pass Sale, April 1 - 30!!
Over the last three months we’ve seen it all; from wild weather one day to beautiful bluebird days the next. Take what you will from last season’s weather phenomena, but we all experienced something unique, and as a result, we’ll have stories to tell for years to come. Now, as spring unfolds employees and guests alike are looking forward to the 05-06 season with the excitement and enthusiasm organic to Stevens Pass. To set out on the right foot, we’re ramping up our spring season pass sale to get you the lowest prices available.

Since this winter had plenty of warm temperatures, we’re compensating by freezing our spring season pass prices. During the month of April you can purchase your pass at last season's prices. Renewing 04-05 pass holders can enjoy the added bonus of a SnoDough added value benefit of $50, $75 or $110 based off your last season’s pass price. SnoDough works just like cash and can be used anywhere at Stevens Pass in our restaurants, bars, retail stores, rental shop, and even at the ticket window to treat a friend to a day on the hill.

In addition to our special spring sale offers, Stevens has partnered up with Skiosk™ to offer you a limited time discount on the Skiosk™ internet season pass for the 2005-2006 season. Purchase before April 30th, and you will receive unlimited wireless internet access at Stevens Pass in the Pacific Crest Lodge for $29.95 (a $20 savings). To take advantage of the Skiosk™ limited time offer, sign up online using “STEB” in the promotion code field to receive the discounted pricing. If you have any questions, call us at 1-866-475-4675 x704, or send an email to sales@e-quest.com.

Remember, spring pass prices and SnoDough added value benefits for renewing pass holders are only available April 1 through April 30. Take your time but remember, spring pricing is the best available pricing of the year.

Thanks again to all of our guests for their words of encouragement and positive feedback on the challenges we all faced this winter. Though the resort is closed for the 04-05 season, the positive energy and support of our dedicated employees and loyal guests has all of us moving forward in anticipation of a great winter to come!
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No marketing dept could have been worse than Whiteface/ORDA under Ned Harkness. The very best you could get for minimum wage and free use of a Subaru as long as you either played hockey or dated a hockey player in college. Knowledge of skiing or snowsports not necessary.
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I want some SnoDough™ so I can make SnoDoughnuts™.

patent pending.
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If you make those pastries, don't bring them around me. SnoDoughnuts would just turn me into a SnoDoughboy!
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