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Ski turn radius for modern Slalom Racing?

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Would a radius of 15m be way to much for occationally taking part in modern Slalom Races? Or do I need 9-11m radius skiis? Im thinking of buying Head XRC 172 with 15.4m turn radius.
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Based on how that ski skis - i wouldnt run it in a slalom course. It is a GS ski, skis like a GS ski, meaning it is very damp, has no pop, and prefers bigger turns. In fact, that skis has virtually no energy from turn to turn from what i found, and it is glued into its particular turn shape and wont release unless you really really push it to release. This feature of the ski is great for GS turns, but in slalom detremental. New slalom skis are going with radii as high as 13m, but these skis are often designed with a lot of energy in mind. Dont look so much at radius - look at what the ski is built for, and how muhc energy it has. The i.XRC is last years i.GS i think. If you are running slalom, i would get a ski that is more suited for the task. Even a ski like the Salomon Crossmax 10 in a 165, the Volkl 5 or 6 star in a 161, the Elan S12 Fusion in a 158 or 160 (whichever it comes in), the Fischer RX6 and RX8... the list goes on. But those skis are all designed with short turns and high energy in mind. You will find that they have enough energy to lift you off the snow in transition, where on the i.XRC, you will be glued to the snow.
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You are right, its a GS ski but I cannot afford two pair of skiis and a pair of SL skiis will not work as well in deep snow, off piste and on long groomed slopes.

The XRC is a challange to ski. The RX8 again seemed lifeless to me. The Atomic SL 11 felt real good but can it do off piste as well?
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The RX8 probably seemed lifeless because you didnt bend the ski (no offense). It is a VERY stiff ski. Even when my younger brother skied it, he commented on its stiffness. Try the RX6. My dad loved that ski, and he currently skis on the Fischer WC SC. He claimed that it did everything that the slalom ski did, but it wasnt as tempermental. He also noted that even though it isnt marketed as a top end ski, being below the RX8 RX9 and RX10, you still really have to be on the sweet spot and stay centered. He skied it in a 165. It might be of more help to try a softer ski. As a side note, i have seen a lot of RX6's in the recreational slalom races (beer races) where i ski. Also, if you are free skiing off piste, the RX6 might be a better choice than the 8, because it is slightly softer...
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You may want to try and get your hands on the 05' Atomic M2TRON. I tuned my buddy's Saturday night. He loved them his first day on them. I didn't get a chance to talk to him last night.

They are 127,76,114 with 11m radius, 162cm, he's 5'9" 220lbs. His ski school buddy's were trying to make him look bad on them. They had him ski everywhere except the trees. He kept up with them all over the mountain, bumps, tight turns, high speed GS. He keep coming back for more.
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Actually I took part in a ski test last year and the RX5 (european model) was my favorite pick. The Head 180 won the medium level test but the Fischer was my favorite. The way it carved and actively responded to different pist conditions sensational.

Somehow I have a problem with the new short wide tip stiff slalom skiis. They dont crush through crud and soft bumps like GS skiis. The Dynastar 64 was a different story, crisp in the tip somehow. Ok, its a sanwich ski I think so its also much more expensive. The RX8 felt dead and lifeless to me. And the bindings were useless.

This is a great ski. Even our 22y aupair that only learned to ski last year thaught it was way better than enything else. If this thing could do GS carving and master powder snow it would be my pick offcource. There is a new model comming out.

Crossmax 10
You said this would be a good compromice. Why?
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