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Slovakia Ski Team?

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I was skiing at Burke Mountain, Vermont yesterday 3/27. About 4 chairs ahead of me was a fellow with a jacket emblazoned with "Slovakia Ski Team" on the back. He was skiing alone and gone by the time I got off the lift on top. I never saw him the remainder of the day. No one I asked knew anything about the fellow.

To explain my interest, my ancestors came from Slovakia, I've traveled there and I have quite a few friends living there. It's a very small country and it is rare to see someone from Slovakia, let alone a skier!

It seemed a little suspicious since the jacket was in English. Can anyone add to this?

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Funny, Thing. When my friends daughter was in France skiing two summers ago she traded jackets with someone from the Slovakian ski team. She goes to Burke and was out free skiing yesterday. She has a black helmet. It may have been her, or I'm sure she wasn't the only person to have exchanged clothing while at summer camp.
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What a hoot!

What a hoot. That's funny! I was far enough way that I couldn't get a positive ID.

I also found out there is a Women's coach at the academy from Slovakia. Small world it is....
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That coach could be Mia. I know more then one of the coaches is from outside the US.
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