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Best Place to Live in CO

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Hi guys I am new to the site and need soem help here.

I am a fire Fighter in TX currently (I m checking o see with the CO-Fire Commission if my training is transferable to CO) My wife is an accounts billing manager at one of the oldest and lrgest Construction companies in TX.

My goals are this I plan on entering College when I move, ti attend a Biochem program as Prep/Qual for Pharmacy School. I am waiting to here from UCO and COState as to which has the biochem and hopefully pharmacy school I need. (also looking into the college nere Durango cant remember the name) I assume UCO or CO-State would be best for the biochem degere and ,ost liklely have the pharmacy school as well

What I want long term is to live somewhere like SteamBoat or Telluride, short term to be driving distance from awesome skiing while working my 2 days a week at the FD if I can get on up there and while attending school........ opnions around on snow mass or other areas I would like to hear also though........... I lan to work in Pharmacy in the long run so I amagine any of thes etowns would be good, property value needs to be reasonable but doesnt have to be dirt cheap........ I love everything outdoors. also have been into BodyBuilding since I was 13 (I know weird my big butt ski's huh but skiing is my 2nd pasion) so any places that have a a great or pretty darn good gym is a major plus (worst case I will just buy about $15k worth of equipment and make my own gym or perhaps a small 10,000 sqft gym and open it to the public if there relly is no fitness in the area I would imagine steamboat and Telluride both have decent fitness centers though)

So opinions please for during school and where would be best to raise our on the way kid after school but have lots of skiing and and be abe to pursue pharmacy, I am intriegued with Tell. and Stemboat but recently snow mass sound awesome, as well as being nearth otherresorts there might have it's benefits let me have it ?

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Ft. Collins is a nice town at the foot of the rockies, not too far from Winter Park.
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The combination of job opportunities and education you describe is available along the Front Range communities of Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver. The resorts are both expensive, and distant from major educational institutions and corporate job centers. No offense intended, but you are putting the cart before the horse talking about what resorts you would like to live in AFTER you have completed undergraduate and graduate pharmacology studies. Like most in Colorado, you will probably settle initially along the front range and commute to ski. The Denver area puts you closest. Ft. Collins is a long way from ski areas considering which roads are open in winter. Establishing residency in Colorado should be a first priority to make school affordable. Out of state tuition is very high ($14,600 vs $3600 resident).

SLC is another alternative with good educational opportunities and nearby skiing.
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I currently own a company in Silverthorne that staffs relief pharmacists in the mountain areas of Colorado (as well as, Taos, Farmington, Utah and Arizona). Craig is a hotspot for staffing as well as Steamboat.

One word of caution...the mountain stores can be very demanding with the continuous influx of tourists and ongoing transfers on Rx from out of state (one of the reasons besides owning property there is a shortage). We have pharmacists in Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, Littleton, Leadville, Dillon, Kremmling, Silverthorne, and Edwards/Eagle.

Many of our pharmacists ski two to three days a week and cover shifts for us on the remaining days. It seems to be a pretty good gig. Obviously, owning property up here can be a challenge... if you can afford housing you can find a good gig with an abundance of pharmacies. However, the advantage we have is the flexibility to both practice pharmacy when you want and ski when you want (weekdays).
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OT: dds_25: Belated welcome to Epicski, neighbor!

BBskier: Silverthorne and Breckenridge both have recreation centers. The one in Breck is much better but more expensive. They both have body building equipment. I'm not sure what the highest weight is.
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Thanks for the welcome, Lisa. Looks like you may be hearing from my office manager about a class or two shortly......
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Here's what I would be looking at..

Boulder offers a lot easier access to skiing than Fort Collins. Rather than actually live in Boulder, I'd look at the satellite communities of Louisville (pronounced Lewis - ville) or Broomfield. They sit between Boulder and I-70. So you can easily commute up to Boulder for classes and easily jump on the Interstate to go skiing. When I first moved to Colorado that's what I was considering. (Then my 6 month vacation accidentally turned into a 6 year one...)

Long term, well, you'll get a feel for Steamboat and Telluride after living here. I'd go nuts in either of those towns if I lived there for more than a few years. Although, Telluride would be pretty sweet for a couple seasons. I bet that place is awesome between May and November. (Like someone once told me, "you come for the winters and stay for the summers.") You might to spend some time in Durango - it's pretty nice. If you're into smaller mountain towns without all the seasonal craziness of ski towns, maybe Salida, Montrose, Edwards, Gypsum, or Glenwood Springs would be a good fit.
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Cross off Telluride

As much as I love Telluride, based on your requirements I'd scratch it off the list. There is no college level school in the area, housing costs are out of site, there is just one pharmacy in town so I don't think the job market is great for pharmacists.

The upside is that it's a great community, the schools agre great, the beauty is unsurpassed (IMHO) and the access to both winter and summer sports is easy.

Probably the reason for the ridiculous real estate prices.
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Thanks so far

Thanks so far everyone, well It will have to be Boulder to Start cause I taked with people at UCO and they have the Biochem program i want as well a a college of pharmacy to go into immediately upon nailing the Biochem

I hear what you are saying about teh cart before the horse, however I figured upon comleteing school I would most likely move, i have funds save dfrom several other business i have had or have now........... I like the small town atmoshphere howvere having alot more t do liek around winter park or Breck, plus being near all the other resorts is appealing to me, plus I can get work alittle easier the closer to denver in pharmacy (though i found a few site sthat staff pharmacists and list jobs all over CO, StemBoat, grand junction, Ner Breck, near Crested bute, so i am still looking) i mean the workout sites are aplus but if i can get a home with enough area i will add on a 3000-500sqft room and do my wn, I can get good deals on the equipment from friends in the industry so either ay i wil be cool, if the gym doesnt have big enough weifhts I can always buy some and donate them LOL i do pretty well with my current businesses but wish t keep them and do pharmacy so i can invest mor for retiring erly so I can ski all day LOL

i guess positioning near boulderas you said above would be smart that way I can do school and then shoot to about anhwre along I-70 or up to steamBoat on weekends or when i wish.

what do you gusy consider expensive for poroperty ? I found several home sin telluride, I thin one was about 10-15 minute sfrom town/resort was a 3000+ sqft log home with 3 car garage, nice jacuzzi tubs, several fire places on 5 acres for $350km, that to me is reasonable for the size of the home and land.............. I may end up around Breck or keystone or those areas, winter parlk in the end........... but would really like SteamBoat, how much is property near steamboat i dont have to be or need to be in downtown..anything within 30 minutes is cool by me, I grew up driving in snow and have serious 4-4 so no worries there ???????????

Thanks again guys

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If I am not mistaken, the pharmacy school is here at the CU Denver campus, at the Health Sciences Center (not in Boulder), although the undergrad program you want is probably available at both campuses. (by the way, for some reason they call it CU, not UC, even though it is the University of Colorado, not Colorado University). The HSC is located in Denver, not far from downtown, and also houses the medical school, graduate nursing program, etc (I'm on the med school faculty). You can get to Loveland Pass in just under an hour from here and to the Summit Co. areas in less than 1 1/2 hours; Vail is about 1hour 40minutes with good road conditions and only a little speeding. Traffic can make the trip a lot longer, however.
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Dont move to Colorado Its a horrible place to live. Texas is much better, trust me stay there.....
Just kidding,
Ft Collins is a great town to live. Stay away from Boulder
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Stay away from Boulder? If you can afford to live there, its one of the best places to be in the country. Everything is at your fingertips... however, if you're on a budget, check right outside of Boulder- Louisville, Superior, or Lafayette.
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Hell ya, stay away from boulder.. too expensive and too much attitude. Move to Ft Collins
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Thanks guys

Hey thanks to all so far, I will check out Boulder and the suburbs you guys metioned there............... I will most lilely do the undergad at UC and then attaned near by wherever the Pharmacy grad program is, as long as i am that close to skiing I will be happy, I plan to open a nutrion, tannin smoothi shop while I am waiting to attand to scheeol

How long is it before you get resident status in Colordao guys 6mo's , a year ? what ?

I will look into place sto move once i have skied everything in the area LOL and know where we want have a home for long term, what decent home sin boulder, louisville and the suburbs near Boulder rub guys & girls ?

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JDawg50........... curious why is Ft collins so much better than Boulder in your opinon, isnt that were State U is ? eastern sid eof town 9denver) right ?

Still thinking Boulder area justr cuase travle times but curious ?

how are he resterauntes and clubs in the areas guys ?

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stay in Texass!!! we have enough gapers here already!
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Originally Posted by BBskier
JDawg50........... curious why is Ft collins so much better than Boulder in your opinon, isnt that were State U is ? eastern sid eof town 9denver) right ?

Still thinking Boulder area justr cuase travle times but curious ?

how are he resterauntes and clubs in the areas guys ?

BBS- Fort Collins is about an hour north of Denver, and Boulder is 25 miles northwest. I can't speak on FC, but Boulder has some great bars and restaurants. there's so much to do every weekend- its like I'm missing something each time I decide on something else. Drive time to the mtns aren't bad either- just over an hour to A-Basin and Loveland, and 1.5 hrs to Keystone, Breck, Copper, and Winter Park. Eldora is just 30 minutes from downtown Boulder.
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