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Atomic powder rides!

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My gosh! : 130-104-120! : You have to be kidding me... Has anybody ridden these things? They sound down right incredible. I can't imagine riding something that big. It must be like a pair of snowboards. I may try them though, so has anybody ever strapped on a pair?
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rode a pair of atomic heli stars once, they were 135 115 125. rediculous. old man's skis. it was like playing with cavity back swing weighted golf clubs.

but as far as 'real' usable skis, this years fischer big stix 106 is 135 106 123. havent ridden it, but ive heard it rips.
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If you think thats big, try the Fischer Big Stix 106. 135-106-123 The Atomic is also only a cap construction ski, supposedly really soft, and apparently worthless for anything but pow (the Fischer is apparently a tad more versatile, but still meant for pow).
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I demoed a pair of 180cm Powder Rides last year. Incredible float on deep powder, absolute crap on groomed or anything remotely solid. Definitely not something that I take to places where the conditions vary- just not versatile enough. I think there is a point where wider is not better.
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