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Looking for good mogul / steep ski

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Can anyone suggest a ski that will be good for an advanced intermediate skier looking for a ski that will handle steeps, moguls, and glades well. I'm an eastern skier so I'll also need something stable enough to handle eastern crud.
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try putting this question in the Ski Gear Discussion forum --it may get better results there and OH BTW welcome to Epic !!!

I'm Not a mogul skier but hey good luck in your search
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I tried out a 176 Rossi B1 today. It seemed like it would do the trick. Conditions were very mushy and fairly "choppy" as there were lots of little (not big enough to have to ski around piles of crushed ice piled up everywhere and it managed to smooth things out. The snow was too sticky to get up to any really scary speed and there was no hard ice, but it handled the Double Blacks at Blue Mountain Ontario as fast as I could get them to go. I took them through some smallish moguls and they worked great. I took the through some big moguls and I could tell that if I didn't suck at moguls they would be great there too. I took them for a spin right afte taking some 160 Equipe 10 SC skis for a rip, so it did seem like I had giant spoons at the front for a while, but they certainly worked better in these conditions that the SCs. I think a shorter version would be better for making tight turns around trees.
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I ski eastern bumps+trees pretty exclusively --- not sure if anything over here qualifies as "steeps" (outside perhaps a couple of the steeper lines at Tucks) so if you're thinking about western steeps as well you might have to think further. I just bought a pair of Legend 8000s after spending some time demoing a few different pairs. They're a great combination of wide+stable enough for what passes for crud here in the east, and light+nimble enough for moguls. I bought it in a 178 (I'm 5'8" 155 pounds) but I'd advise trying several different lengths --- anyway I found them very quick and had no trouble throwing the skis around in this length. The 4800 is also a great ski, but I felt the slightly improved quickness was not worth the loss of stability and power.
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