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End of Season Sales

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I seem to remember that around the time the snow goes away the skis go on sale, but this year (with one exception) I don't see to much in the way of good sales. Anything good is still selling at the price it was on sale for last Christmas, and nobody seems to have anything at 50% off MSRP. There are a few places that will sell 5 year old stock for $700 + bindings, but I think I would rather shell out a grand for the best current stuff (and I'm too cheap to do that).

Anybody see any good stuff on sale? Are stores stocking less now or do the Manufacturers buy stuff back?

EBay has some stuff on it, but it is a task combing through it as a neophite to the I-net, and not knowing anything about the seller causes me some apprehension. Does anybody have a list of reputable Internet stores in Canada or other places to get good skis cheap?

Before you complain, I've already spent lot's of money on tuning supplies in my local shop (who also want about $250 more for SL11s than the deal that tempted me so badly).
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check out http://www.erapro.com, seems they have some deals
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I had a good experience with an e-bay seller called mountaintime sports. I believe they have an e-bay store. Evogear.com is another one with good reputation.
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I bought Atomic Metron M9's and Atomic C9's for 50% off at a ski shop near Loon. I'd make some calls to shops at or near the mountains, especially ones where the snow is going fast (which means east rather than west). I can't imagine anyone holding onto stock at this time of year. I think an honest offer would probably get what you want. The store I bought my skis from had a lot of skis and people were buying them. In the 10 mins I was thinking about what I wanted at least 4 other pairs were sold. That inventory is already paid for and new commitments for 2006 skis have been made.

Originally Posted by Ghost

Anybody see any good stuff on sale? Are stores stocking less now or do the Manufacturers buy stuff back?
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I just bought a pile of thermals on Sierra Trading Post, and they had some good deals on jackets and things.
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Dunno 'bout Canada, but the sales are in full swing here in the US.
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My local ski shop has an e-bay store that they run. The link is


There based in Oakville Ontario.
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I had good luck withwww.backcountry.com
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Sale Items.

The ski industry knows quite well that experts never buy at top dollar. They wait until the end of the season and buy at a discount. The retailers use this to their advantage. In actuality, the best sale prices come in the August sales (Often Tent sales follow the price reductions.) Experts will most often buy while they can still ski. Consequently the Mfg.'s (especially in an pre-Olympic year like this one) will roll out next year's models now for big bucks. Last year's stock will be discounted about 33%. With a mark-up of 50% the retailler can still make money. Unless they are pressed to clear their floor space, they won't go to 50% until August. When I worked in shops I only bought with pro-forms or discounts to 66%. This will happen at a final clearance. This week I bought a cross-country ski which was reduced from $140 to $40, about 70%. It's a beautifully made ski that has been sitting in the rack for years because it was wood. It took this retailler a long time to finally reduce it to this price. I saw it happen last fall but didn't pick it up until now. I know that unless they go out of business and liquidate, I won't see any price lower than that. However, I have picked up a lot of merchandise in liquidation sales.
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I was at mount snow last weekend-the mountain sport shop in the Grand Summit Hotel had a store wide 50% of msrp-some good stuff left, too-quite a few pairs of those metron XI and Head XRC 1100 chip and some other good cross and carving skis. No powder or fats, however (we're are talking Mt. Snow Here).
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Originally Posted by evansilver
I had good luck withwww.backcountry.com
Steep and Cheap is an arm of backcountry.com, no?
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Originally Posted by OldSchool
Steep and Cheap is an arm of backcountry.com, no?
Very true.

In my neck of the woods, some shops are having buy one get one free sales. Mostly apparel though. Another one had 40% off everything a few weeks ago. Racewerks is having 20% off an almost all tuning supplies. That's about as good as it gets with tuning gear.

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Steep and cheap

Yes it is.
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I love ebay. I found new Dynastar 8800's for $399 USD (roughly $495 Canadian) while they were still $790 at stores here (early February).
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We have had our gear at 50% off in the store for at least a month, and still nobody buys anything! Probably due to location more than anything-the city shops have had 50% off for months. It happens when the resorts are forced to close in January....
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