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New Guy Questions

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Hello everyone!

Looks like a great forum...just joined up. I have a few questions if anyone would like to help me out...
I am looking to purchase some new (or nearly new) skis/boots in the next few weeks. I am 37, 215lbs, 6ft tall, in good athletic condition...above average skier I would say...live on the East coast and ski there mostly, with usually a once every year or two trip out West. I have rented a couple of different shaped demo skis, Soloman X-screams and Bandit XX I believe...was really surprised at how much easier they were to ski. I used to ski 190-195 old style and know the shaped skis I rented were in the 180 range. Any suggestions on a good brand, model, and length of ski? I don't ski moguls...prefer to cruise and carve at a good speed...would like something that is good for both East coast crud and ice as well as the occasional West coast jaunt? I am by no means an expert but can and do ski most of the mountain. Thanks for any help.

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Hello Dukeno, welcome to the forum.

Havent really demoed that many skis myself, I ski mostly midwest groomers and spend most of my time carving and I like the Atomic Beta Carv 9.18, carves really well at any speed, but I also hear really good things about the Beta Ride series, mostly that they carve well but are also very versatile. Other than that, probably your best resource is gonna be someone else. Welcome to the forum just the same!
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Welcome Dukeno!!
I ride on a East Coast slope as well And right now they suck!!(see oboes thread). I ride on the Beta Ride 10.20 and so far it cuts up this crud, ice and crap pretty good. I bought them for the West as well. Same league as the XX I would think.
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