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Too many choices

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5' 8" 165, been skiing since I was a little kid - 9 out of 10. I'll ski anything, sometimes it won't look too pretty, though.

Have Salomon Axendo's - basically a first generation parabolic ski. Desperately need new ones. Dropped a cliff yesterday (not well), core shot, bent the edge, and chipped the ski itself. Ouch! Bindings and boots (prolink) are Salomon as well.

Demo'd B2's liked their quickness in the moguls, which I ski a lot of, but didn't get a chance to take them in the powder and steeps. Demo'd K2 Apache - felt like logs - not much quickness.

Have heard nothing but rave reviews for Volkl 724's (mostly Pros). Went to Colorado Ski and Golf (I ski Winter Park, Copper, Breck, Vail, A-Basin) and had the tech explain the differences between Ax2, Ax3, Pro, and Exp. Haven't had the ability to demo them. Read lots of great things here about Dynastar 8800's. But I still have no clue what's the best ski for me.

Love moguls, don't want to give up too much agility. Need float in the powder (I guess any new ski will give it compared to my current ones), and need strength to hold an edge on the steep-steeps. Don't care much about how a ski performs on corderoy - those are just warm up runs. I like speed, but I'll probably never do any racing or real GS'ing. Anyway, I'd love some advice from this fantastic forum. Thanks in advance
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Bueler . . .

Bueler . . . anyone . . . anyone
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Welcome to EpicSki. Looks like you got lost in the melee. You are a Colorado skier, so still some time to demo. Based on your attraction to the V-724, I suggest you look at their replacement for next year, the AC3 and AC4. If more off piste is your thing, the AC4 has been getting great reviews, and seems to cover the terrain variety you mentioned. The Dynastar Legend series has also been highly rated. Have you checked out the consumer gear review threads?
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checked the gear review posts - that's where I got most of the ideas for skis. problem is i'm not sure which skis perform great off-piste, but also do well in moguls. not much in the way of reviews/comments on utility in moguls.
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