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Ski Areas Near Delhi, NY

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My sister just skied for the first time out in Utah and now she has the bug. I have been trying to get her out on the snow for years. I was not surprised she loved it.

She will be in Delhi, NY this week on business and was wondering where she could go ski for a day.

Any ideas?

She has only skied twice so the vert and terrain is not an issue.

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Belleayre is reasonably close and has great beginner terrain.
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Bobcat is just a few miles away, and has a perfect beginner's area, but it's only open on weekends... so this is no help.

Go to Belleayre.
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Best around Delhi for snow is gonna be Windham. Just got a foot of new powder Thursday 03/24 while south and north got 5" of heavy wet junk. Today is POURING rain and will be tom too.
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I agree with Stache- Windham is a great all around mountain. One plus is that the place is usually dead midweek after presidents weekend.
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For beginners, Belleayre is great - they will never mistakenly get into an expert trail. The lower mountain is ALL for beginners.
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