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Arch cramps

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Just got back injto skiing after 20 years away. Bought a pair of Nordica W8's which I've only skied on 3 times and w/in 2 runs I get some seriously npainfiul cramping in my right arch.

I have normal arches and no serious foot or fitting problems. Anyone ever experience this or have any possible solutions ?? thanks
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Both my arches ache pretty bad too. I got custom footbed and they help tremendously but sometime the left one still hurt a little but after a little massage it goes away. I recommend checing out a good boot fitter and get custom footbed
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Maybe it's muscular tension? Try relaxing and stand flatfooted in your boots. I cramp in the arches sometimes after I've skied.
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Footbeds! Also, I cramp up if the boot is too soft. I tend to compensate for the softness by using my arches/foot muscles to hold myself up. Too much forward lean from the boot or some bindings will also increase this for me. The W8 is a SOFT boot.
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arch cramps are a result of your foot being forcecd to conform to a non-natural arch position.

usually this can be remedied by NOT snugging the midfoot or instep buckle so much, as a temporary fix.

but the real solution is a custom footbed and THEN only tightening your buckles enough to keep your feet from moving. do not REEF on the buckles. it's not a contest of manhood to see who can stand the tightest boot.
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efore I go the custom footvbed route, do you guys have any experience with the "off the rack" footbeda. Could they possibly help this problem?

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I did what gonz mentioned. I had just bought my first pair of boots(Comp 100s) and had the same problem with both feet. The arches began to cramp right away. Once I realized that I may have been tightening the bottom buckles too tight and loosened them, it went away and was much more enjoyable. The boots fit snug enough that I barely have to sweep my fingers across the bottom buckles and that's plenty. Give that a try.

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