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On going avalanch danger

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Six People Survive Two Utah Avalanches

Mar 26, 2005 9:52 am US/Mountain

Six people survived two separate avalanches in Utah's backcountry southeast of Salt Lake City on Friday.

Three cross-country skiers were hit by one slide in Big Cottonwood Canyon. They were able to dig out of the snow and one man was able to ski far enough back to call for help on a cell phone. He was taken to LDS Hospital in serious condition with head injuries while the two other skiers waited to be rescued, said Sgt. Mike Morgan of the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office.

``They got swept down and lost their equipment and had to find a pair of skis for the one guy to ski down and notify us,'' Morgan said.

Rescuers got to the other skiers later Friday and they were being taken down the canyon around 7:30 p.m. to be treated for chest and knee injuries, Morgan said.

The second avalanche hit on Mount Olympus, just north of Big Cottonwood Canyon, where three men were on the first leg of a two-day hike to the 9,000-foot summit. All three were able to dig themselves out of the snow and one of the hikers called the sheriff's office and said they were going to try to hike back down, said Lt. Teri Sommers of the sheriff's department.

Deputies met the hikers about an hour from the trailhead,

Northern Utah has been hit this week with several spring storms, topping the winter snowpack with several fresh feet of snow in the Wasatch Mountains. The Utah Avalanche Center issued a warning Friday as warmer temperatures were expected to increase the danger throughout the weekend.

``It's heavy wet snow and it's very dangerous up here,'' Morgan said.

Seven people were killed in Utah avalanches this winter _ more than any other year since the state started keeping records in 1951.

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It may be spring, but avalanchs are still happening.
Please be carefull,,,,,http://www.avalanche.org/~uac/
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A quick look at Brighton's website shows 64" of snow over the past week. This sounds less like a near disaster than natural selection in action.
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