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MiniMaxx Snowblades.

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I purchased a set of Mini Maxx Snowblades today, becuase i love the manuverablilty and for jumping ,woods etc i was just wondering if anyone has a set of these and how they are all around?
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Folks I've watched use blades instead of skis generally have developed a bunch of bad habits because it's so easy to do so with them.
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Blades and similar blade-like supershorties are great for unskilled people who want instant fun on snow.
They are also the beginning stage in some ski school programs.
The ease of use does involve some risk of developing bad habits.
The lack of stability may be a problem especially for some physically less talented users.

My brother-in-law was a good ice hockey player (as a junior he played against people like Hasek), he was absolutely happy on blades untill he lost his balance and injured his shoulder so that he could not lift weights for almost a year. Not good for a bouncer in a striptease club...
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For strong technical skiers, skiboards/blades are a way to increase the challenge factor. For beginners or intermediates they do offer a "shortcut", but as Kneale mentioned, bad habits are easily formed when you can pivot skis so easily.
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I asked for a type of review on them, not a lecture or anything about Blades in general. I ski, board etc. I do not develope bad habits, I see them as a challenge. I can take my blades more places than you can board or Ski.
If your sayung im unskilled, you need to wake up and realize that you can not judge people by their posts, and over the internet. Now before you, or any else trying to accuse me or insult me, please think, becuase your wasting valuable space and time.

Now - Anyone have any comments on these blades? I used them for the past 2 days. They were fanominal, faster, more absorbant than any other blade I have used (or short ski) they did not wander in the snow like most blades, and they are exctremly durable. Where I go it just closed today, becuase we are getting 4 inches of rain( yes hats alot!) and it was low on snow anyway etc But their was alot of rocks, and the persons I blades with had a pair of blades, and the other guy had ski's. I was keeping up with the ski's and ahead of the blades. I was jumping higher and runnig on the powder better. We went over some rocks, that tore the other guys blades almost in 2 pieces and the ski's got a major skuff, mine had a little scratch, so the bottom plastic is hard. I have found these very good blades, i am only complaining about 1 thing, the top plastic. It is a little cheap, and can scuff too easily.
As for injuries and balance. I fund having shorter ski's gives me betetr balance. And theirs a risk involved in any sport, espically skiing. I sustained a scrabed arm almost to the bone, ripped calve muscle, swollen knees, sprained wrist, cut lip, and a sunburn from being out on the slopes on just these blades for the last 2 days, and this does not count the 3 days before that that I was out.
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Bryce - Seems like I'm posting this message every other day...

You're in the wrong place for this discussion. Please visit the forum or the forum if you want opinions on your purchase and skiboarding in general. Have fun on your skiboards.
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