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Wish list for next season.

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Its official guys. I'll be on the 2006 Metron M10 next season. Going with the 171s.

I bought a pair of Dalbello Avanti V-11s on closeout so I should be all set.

Wondering what my fello Bears are thinking about looking ahead.

Happy Easter!

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I got pretty much taken care of this season...

Metrons, either IX, X or XI's depending what I find. And some Kryptons. Helmet too.

Krypton Ladies of they get released.

Passes for ASC, right now they are $399.00 w/ 10 black out dates. With 4 days, they will pay for themselves.
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volkl mantras and some 183cm gotamas!... def. need new outerwear too.
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Holmenkol Wax Table

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K2 Seth Vicious
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I would like to pick up an all mountain ski cross. I haven't decided what yet.
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Atomic SX:9 to go with the passes to Sierra and Northstar At $299 every day of the week but blackouts. But still got some good stuff in them hills this year!!!!
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161 Head i.SL RD. Was hoping to get them for the last weekend or so before I'm done this season, but can't get them till sometime in the summer unfortunately.
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My ski shop owner/buddy has the 06 MB5 and the M9. I forgot to ask about the new Neox bindings.

He's going to have some demo Izors. He said that a lot of people were joking about Izor sounding like eye sore! I'm trying to talk him into a demo pair of the 9.7s (?) but he said he skied it and did not like it!
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I'm actually set for next season. My quiver made it through the year without much wear and tear (unfortunately) so all I'll be adding is anything I find at a ridiculously cheap price in the off season.
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Volkl AC3's 170cm might go with the Motion POCS so my son and I can swap skis. Got new Tecnica Fires yesterday. They're one shell size smaller.

I'll also be looking to get Pocket Rockets or the 1080 Gun. I think I'd rather try and find some PR's in 175cm. I don't think the AC4 is wide enough under foot for the few day's I realy want a wide ski. Remember I ski in VT.
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My wish list? That's easy. More ski days and more ski trips out west.
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If I get the ASC pass..I will shoot for 20-25 days on the snow. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but to get up to VT is 6 hrs. each way and I work Saturdays. So it will be a few "drive up Thursday eve, ski Friday and drive back Friday evenings".
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I hope to move to Reno, NV (from Indianapolis) by this time next year. I, too, would like a Metron. Perhaps the M9 in 171 to give my C:9's the occasional break.
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Phil, sounds like a move is in your future. The only question is which direction, northest or west ?

May be we need to start a poll. Where should Phil go? Hey, this could be fun...
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For Next year,
-Fischer WC SC
-Another pair of Legends and/or Volkl AC4s (after demo, of course)
-The money to buy them
-Grad school or a job (anyone need floors swept?) in the west to ski them
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Atomic sx 10's, if I can get them at a good price. [ I already have the neox bindings for them].
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