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Confusion Over Seemingly Legit Post Deleted  

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I have received inquiries regarding a seemingly legitimate post being deleted (the unbelievably generous "free" special offer).

There was a lot of history leading up to that post, and the poster was specifically informed that given his commercial agenda (which was not disclosed in that post) and a series of difficulties EpicSki administrators and other EpicSki members have had with this person previously, we asked him not to post that or any other advertising. This is a long standing rule (no advertising in the forum), though we have been lax in enforcing this for a few select activities that seemed to be of particular interest to the EpicSki community (e.g., non-EpicSki coaching events such as Gordy Peifer's training camps an Eric Desluarie's X-Team camps just to name a few). So this is not an issue of protecting Epic events. I do want a flow of information regarding exceptional ski events. But this was a problem with a particular, single organizer that I am not getting into beyond what I stated before.

The post deletion was consistent with EpicSki's rules, and the judgement call here was simply not to waive the rule in this case as the rule as been selectively waived in other cases (including previous cases with this individual that I later came to deeply regret).

This person has advertised in the forum in recent months. So I made it clear to him that advertising posts of this nature should not be made, and almost immediately after that I started receiving reports of advertising PM's being sent out. I again asked that the EpicSki system not be used for such purposes. So he follows that up with his extraordinarily generous free offer, which I had discussed with him before and was for the purpose of marketing commercial services (at the "free" on-hill event). So that promotion for the promotional event was removed.

I was trying to be as tolerant as possible by giving that member yet another warning/request not to do it again rather than taking more specific action on his membership as another poster recently suggested. Since then this individual has engaged in an e-mail campaign to encourage people to complain about the post removal -- an e-mail effort that seems designed to generate discussion of the promotional event.

But that's ok, I'll take the heat. I read all of your complaints and take them very seriously, then I do the best I can in juggling varying issues. But the forum policy still stands. No commercial promotions is a long-running forum rule that most members support. We let the advertising rule slide in rare, select cases where we think there is something of genuine value to the EpicSki community. That is not the case here in my judgement -- and I have an understanding of the broader context of this case that few others do. If you disagree with me, that (of course) is perfectly fine and I respect your right to do so.

Also an underlying factor here: If there is a high degree of unpleasantness in the personal treatment I receive from a specific individual (on or off line), that will have an impact on my interest to continue dealing with that individual. So friendly posturing in the forum, covering up far less friendly actions toward me and others offline, can make my actions look unreasonable to those just reading the forum. But I think it's fair for me to factor in the unpleasantness of my having to interact with someone given that I run EpicSki for fun, this is not my job.

So I hope you can understand to a degree. If not, I apologize and can only promise you that I will do the best I can and will make the judgments I feel are going to help the community while making this a reasonably enjoyable experience for myself. Life is too short to keep company with this kind of negativity.
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I should also point out that when an inappropriate post is deleted and there are a series of "echoes" or derivative posts to that original, they are usually all removed too.

In virtually every case, there's nothing wrong with the reverberating posts -- and their removal is in no way a complaint or criticism of the members making those posts. It's just that they were echoes of the original post that was removed for whatever reason. Please don't take the removal of a follow-up post as anyone being unhappy with you having posted it.

For the exact same reason, if you need to discuss this further, or want to share your thoughts or frustrations with me, go ahead and send me a PM or e-mail. But we're not going to use this as a backdoor way to publicly promote the original poster's commercial projects. Thanks.

Again, sorry for all the confusion this caused and my slowness to try to explain it. I've been really busy lately with my real job and moving to a new town.
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