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Video Conferencing

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Does anybody out there know anything about ski lessons via video conferencing?

We closed last weekend, but I left my gear because there was a chance we would reopen for this weekend (at least until it rained like hell). So I was up there today to pack up my gear. I went over to admin see my marketing contact about the shop rep stuff that I do. The front door was locked, so I go around back to check the back door. That door was locked too, but
there was a bunch of vans from different resorts and a satellite truck
in the back parking lot. The cables from the truck lead up to the slopes. So I poke my head around the corner and immediately some gorilla chases me off: "ssshhhhh - we're filming - get out of here". I tried to go around to the main part of the resort, but they had everything blocked off so you couldn't see a thing. They had our resort security guys manning the ropes. I asked what was up and one guy says "private party - please leave". Something was fishy, but I did have to leave (catching a plane tonight).

I didn't get to see much, but it looked like a beginner lesson (rental gear, wedge turns). Except that the students were talking to a video conferencing set up (I work for MCI - we sell this crap). There was a guy filming, but his camera was not hooked up to the satellite feed. There was also a bunch of suits standing behind the "crew". I smell a rat.

Anybody got a clue?
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GW learns to "pizza" and "french fry"...EYES ONLY!
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There are several software firms offering the same sort of dual-image training stuff that's become so common in golf where you can have an idealized skier on a screen and a video of a client skier beside it. Some even show you an overlap of the two. And I heard today about one where you can film a racer and superimpose the image of another racer at the same set of gates to see their differences. Maybe you walked into the idealized skier filming?????

Or, as jstraw notes, it could be George wanting to be more like Gerald???
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GWB talks like GRF walks.
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On a roll from intervening in the Terry Schiavo affair, Congress takes on the pressing issue of wedge vs direct-to-parallel. Next week they will descend upon the local PuttLand, where they will finally decide once and for all if it is better to hit the ball through the windmill or around it.
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I hope someone fillibusters the "wad or fold" resolution.
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