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NH/ME Trip Report 3/18-3/21 (little bit long)

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Thank to all that gave great advice in another thread a couple weeks back.

Flew up to Manchester NH on the cheapie flights outta Philly. ($76 RT) Got the luggage and rental car in mere minutes and had a pleasant 2hr drive up to Jackson NH. Ended up being the perfect homebase for this trip.
This being St. Patricks day and being of Irish descent, I just happened to find a proper pint of Guinness at the Shannon Door Pub in Jackson. :-)

3/18 Wildcat
Perfect sunny day. Met up early with a great New England Bear and new buddy (Mac) whom I connected with here at Epic. Off to Wildcat, only 10 minutes up the road. I finally get my first real glimpse of Mt Washington (which I'll be seeing for the next 4 days from different perspectives), I'm speechless and humbled.
Finally made it up to the Cat, and it did not disappoint. Jumped on the HSQ and skied the 2.75 mile Polecat trail to warm up. That is one long run! One of my most scenic runs ever, as just about every run at Wildcat ended up being.
Conditions were pretty much packed powder with a little ice on some of the steeps and some serious icy patches on the steep bumps. Every once in a while the wind would pick up and almost stop you in your tracks while skiing down the mountain. Not having a ton of trails there and being no crowds that day it was pretty easy to ski most of the mountain (cept for the bumps). Trail highlights for me included Lynx, Catapult, Wildcat and cruising the trails (lift riders right) off the Bobcat Triple.

Here's a picture I took that morning of Mt. Washington (and Tuckermans Ravine) from about the top of Wildcat.
http://forums.alpinezone.com/modules...ew_phot o.php

3/19 Attitash-Bear Peak
Another perfect sunny day. Started out at Bear Peak and skied most of the blues and blacks before it started to get crowded. The Wandering Ski's trail was our warmup run and then moved on to Kachina, Avenger, Illusion and Myth Maker.
Trails here were pretty nice and wide and rolling with lots of dips, and in general and early on, conditions were about the same as Wildcat the day before but no wind at all. Somehow I managed to keep up with Mac and a couple local friends of his that morning.
Skied over to Attitash late morning and got in a few decent runs (I remember Saco as being the one of the most scenic and a real classic twisty-turny NE style trail) before taking a well deserved long lunch with some live reggae as a backdrop. Warmed up nice in the afternoon and what wasn't skied off got decently soft for a few more runs. I'd really like to ski here again on a weekday. Interesting terrain at both mountains.

3/20 Sunday River
Another bright sunny day. Was able to get to SR in about an hour from Jackson. Pulled into the White Cap Base area, parked real close and we were off. Big area, did a few runs down from the Locke and Barker peaks then moved over to the Jordan Bowl area where the lift lines were growing quickly but moving pretty fast. Skied over there a while, then worked our way back over to where we began. (ya gotta get one of those fresh waffles at the Jordan Bowl Express HSQ, awesome!)
Warmed up again nicely and snow was just about perfect in most spots.
Stayed mostly on blue cruisers this day. Lots of long, wide, rolling, dippy trails (too many to remember the names). My legs were starting to get pretty weary at this point and we called it a day around 2pm. Gotta get back to this place on a weekday too. Another nice view of Mt. Washington and Sugarloaf in the distance.

3/21 Bretton Woods
Great weather again! The ride from Jackson to BW thru Crawford? Notch is another classic. Got started a little later, about 10:30am. Things were warming up nicely already and the conditions were the best of the trip.
Skied solo today and got in what seemed like a thousand runs...the terrain is much easier here. (yeah yeah I know, that's an understatement)
Feeling really good and recharged this day and even skied some easier glades, which I'd never done before.
Really liked the lodge at BW, everything pretty convenient and had a great lunch upstairs. Good place to take a family or less experienced skiers.
Talk about views the whole Presidential Range and another side of Mt. Washington from BW was just amazing.

General observation, skiing 4 days straight in New England (or probably anywhere in the East) took a much harder toll on my body than skiing 6-7 days straight in CO or UT. It must be that first hour or two before the snow softens up that does it.

Can't wait to get back up that way again. Never made it to Cannon but got to check it out on my ride back to Manchester. Wow, now that's a mountain.

Hat's off to a Barking Bear for making me feel at home in NE.
Mac was an awesome tourguide for the trip and I really appreciate him and his friends (Glen and Trish at Attitash/Bear Peak) helping push my skiing to another level by dragging me along to terrain I may not have skied.
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Nice report...makes me want to get up to that area myself!

Being the non-morning person that I am, I always think that the easier toll on my body out west is due to the fact that my body thinks I'm waking up 2-3 hours later than it is due to the time change. Although, at the 4th consecutive day, my out-of-shape self is probably going to be pretty tolled no matter where I am. Once I get to days 5, 6, etc., I usually get a second wind...or maybe its just that I become numb to the pain.
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Sounds like you had a great trip, WT! And the weather could not have been better for your trip! Glad you had a clear day at Wildcat to enjoy the views of Mt Washington and the ravines. It's pretty impressive. You'll need to make another trip next season to New England to hit Cannon. I was there yesterday and the snow conditions/weather could not have been better!!

[Hopefully my schedule will be more flexible next time to connect with you for some runs.]
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