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Second Set of Skis

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Ok, I live in the East, therefore not much powder. I am a advanced + skier 180lbs that loves to carve up the black icey steeps (SL) turns and also love to crank large arcing GS turns on blues. I currently ski on Dynastar SC 9's that do everything well, good in the bumps too, except off piste which I do not care to do much of. I am looking for suggestions for adding a second ski that has a wider set of caracteristics compared to what I have. I.E. a little wider, better in the park, good in bumps but still can be used to carve up the whole mountian. I am thinking about the 06 Volkl Allstar, but ptobably prefer an 05 ski I could get at a discount. I want a ski that really does not have much upside limit in terms of performance or ability. Any suggestions?
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You might also want to check out the Volk 7 24 Pro or Exp. Very versatile, fast, snappy, and stable. You can find really good deals on the 7 24 now.
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How much off piste/park are you going to be doing?
Why are you looking for a wider ski?

I think that the Allstar will be a different beast of a ski compared to the SC9. It will also replace your SC9 in terms of an every day ski. Its also probably not something that you'd want to take in the park... I'd get them or the 5/6* or the 724's if you wanted a NEW set of boards.

Why don't you look at a twin-tip that is a decent all mountain ski? Then you'll be adding another ski to the quiver. K2 Public enemy's are cheap to begin with and have been getting rave reviews. If you're in the east, Sports Authority has had some great deals on Dynaster Troublemakers (although they might be off the shelves now)
The all mountain twin tip will add what you want; a wider ski for softer days, a twin tip for the park, they'll be great in the bumps AND you can still carve the whole mountain with them. (albeit not as well as the skis mentioned previously)
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