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Negative Opinions

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I am just curious as to what people feel are some of the worse experiences they have had with ski equipment.

On forums people usually discuss the models that worked and reccomend the hottest thing to buy for those looking for suggestions. It would be interesting to hear what folks had to say about what not to buy based on a negative experience with a particular ski or boot etc.

Personally I would have to say the most unsatisfactory demo experience I have had on a particular ski model over the past few years would have to be the Salomon Streetracer 8 Pilot. It is very floppy and fidgety. It could hold an edge well but it didn't like to run straight for more than a second or would have a mind of it's own. Anything above 20mph would bring uncomfortable vibrations, anything above 30 the skis would flop and the tips chatter. Surprising as this was a quite heavy ski(3100). Like riding in a 65 Chevy with broken shocks. In general a very uncomfortable ride.
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I demoed a ski that was in a very sorry state of tune. It was supposed to be the cat's meow, but it was so dull that skating to the lift was next to impossible. Something was messed up with the binding too; it released as I tried to skate to the lift, and then later released when I entered a small pile of snow as I was making a smooth turn. The tune robbed me of my chance to try the Elan SX.
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I didn't like any of the Streetracers.

I thought they weren't as solid as some Atomics, Heads, and Fischers that I really liked.

They are not made to run straight at all so they always need to be on edge.

The only Salomon I like are the 1080s and that is because I want those to be soft and floppy.

It's all a matter of preference.
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The Streetracer seems to become the whipping boy.
On seeing it when it was new my first reaction was "a belated hypercarver". I used to be one of the fans of those skis in 1996-1998 which disappeared later. Now Salomon came with the radical sidecut presented as a big novelty.
The ski seems to be a tool to bring lower-level skiers to carving their turns on some blue groomers. I think about 25 mph is a reasonable speed a ski like that should work well - anything more is just too much both for the ski and for its skier. Considering this I was not that disappointed: the ski does what it´s designed for and it simply does not do more.
Maybe it´s the accompanying description (resulting in too high expectations) that deserves criticism, not the ski itself.

I have to add a warning.
(Sorry, all long-time skiers know but some less experienced should probably be told.)
The personal preferences, likings and conclusions vary a lot. One´s "worst" ski might be another´s happy pick.
The last time I was confronted with the truth was this week with friends of mine running the Atomic Test Center in the biggest Czech resort. They know and told me examples of totally different opinions on some of the Atomic skis. Nothing new to me but I was still surprised to hear how much and how often they differ.
(And we´re speaking about the same pair of skis with identical tune!)
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The worst demo I have ever had was a Volkl P50 motion, 2003 I believe. Wow did I hate those skis.... They had decent edge-grip, sort of, but they were the most lifeless and non-stiff ski I have ever been on. You would roll them on edge and sort of bend them, and you got NO power in return, much less rebound energy. They were boring, sucky skis lol. Thank god I found my k2 axis XR's later in the same day lol (and later my SL:11s!).
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I'm proud of epicskiers for making fun of the 05' Salomon Equipe 10 "SCX"s.

The worst pair of skis I've skied on recently were a pair of the Goode skis. Awful.
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Originally Posted by skiingman
The worst pair of skis I've skied on recently were a pair of the Goode skis. Awful.
Where did you try them? I was talking to the local Goode rep and there were some really badly tuned ones out there. You might have gotten on a bad pair.
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The tune didn't suck Phil, the skis sucked. And this was at the eastern on-snow, so if the tune did suck, its unforgivable. Showing up at that with poorly tuned skis is a bad business decision.

Perhaps thats a bit harsh, but its the way I feel. Note that if I were an ardent Salomon fan, I would likely have a different opinion. I will stand by my claim that they suck though, especially when considering the price.
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