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There seems to be a new thing going on here. Posts being deleted that don't conflict with the Terms of Use of the site. It's kind of annoying. Someone asked about the free Loveland event and the post is gone.

If epic has some issues with some coaches, competition, or maybe some valid reasons to "ban" them, then ban the person you object to.

Deleting posts on topics that you just "don't want to talk about" is childish, and most importantly puts the objectivity and even more important - the PURPOSE of this website in doubt.

If Epic ski is a place for us to learn about skiing, share ideas, etc. - that's one thing. If it's a place for the owners of the site to promote their own events, and delete mentions of conflicting events - it becomes yet another commercial biased venture.

You are and will lose your sense of objectivity, or benevolence if we see you as petty and selfish.

A free event with top level Examiner type coaches, how can that be bad for us to know about?

I think it's time you guys realize that the more we see this place as your forum for promoting your ideas, the less we'll be interested in it. The more you leave it as our forum the more we'll trust it. You have in the past done a great job of deleting inappropriate, nasty, obscene things. The members have consistently supported you in this. How can we support deleting a question about a free training event?

It takes a long time to establish and develop a reputaion - it doesn't take very long to ruin it.
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Interesting, as I've just read a couple of recent threads that refer to "quoted" posts that I fustratingly couldnt find.

Have absoloutley no idea why they ever wuuld have been deleted, I mean, ther was notheng controversial being talked about... just ski reccommendations.
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If your accusation is true I would be very concerned, in fact I would be out.Did you email the author? I suspect the author had 2nd thoughts about the posting and deleted it, I can not imagine epicski would delete such an important message/ in fact that is unthinkable....I will be watching for an explanation/ and my continued participation in the forum hangs in the balance....Thanks
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