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Trip Report: Park City

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My first Utah trip, and it snows daily for 5 days! Almost 2 feet overall. Skied Deer Valley, PCMR, and The Canyons. Hit the Canyons on the biggest powder day. Maybe that's why I'd say it was my favorite, but overall, I loved the vast amount of space to spread out, the variety of terrain, and the "wild" feel. It just is so nice to have a major resort that still has a bit of an "out in the mountains" feel (i.e., less development, less sense of commercialism). I did, however notice the real estate building going on, I hope it doesn't become Deer Valley, part deux.

I enjoyed PCMR for the variety, but it was very crowded (Spring break, NASTAR Nationals). It was nice to find some lifts with no lines (McConkey's, Thaynes). I appreciated the Summit Demo Center (see my thread under gear reviews). The Town is nice, especially enjoyed the photography galleries. Ddin't eat out much, as we had a full kitchen condo. BTW, we had an excellent condo, and I'll ask the owner if I can post about it.

Deer Valley was a human "ski zoo!" Enjoyed the runs, but it seemed like the entire nation was skiing there. The top of Flagstaff is the ski lift equivalent of an L.A. freeway interchange! Ski school was everywhere, so spent lots of time dodging "conga lines!" The Silver Lake Lodge cafeteria was the most disorganized, chaotic impossible mess I've ever seen. The management at DV needs to seriously remodel that place. Or add more choices. I enjoyed skiing Empire Canyon, it was my first "bowl" skiing.

Overall, I'd definitely return to ski PCMR and The Canyons, but LCC and BCC are now higher on my list.
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Hate to say it, but the only way resorts really make money, is off the real estate.
The Canyons saw what DV has done, and they are copying.
DV resort is not doing the building. It is developers who has bought the land around The Empire/ Northside area.( from the mine compnay) Deer Valley actually has very little land left to sell to developers as my contacts tell me. And what land they do own is most likely going to stay undeveloped,,, not enough open space left in the PC area
Also there were plenty of post here saying where not ski at DV. And when not to ski it. Then again being spring skiing DV is always busy with spring breakers from the east.
As former employee of dv i agree the top of Flag is s joke. Quad knob as it's localy called is worse than LA trafric. I avoid Flagstaff, except for early in the day.
I would of skied off Mayflower and sultan when Flagstaff got busy. Ya granted it's only served by triple chairs, but the crowds dont go there.
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I was told by a DV staffer that this was the most crowded the place has been all season. I didn't have much choice, as my 14 yo daughter needed the green runs to build confidence (as I suppose many there seek the same experience). I did enjoy the runs on Bald Mt. and especially Empire.
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