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Legend 8800, the final choice

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Finally got a chance to demo the 8800.
Conditions: 6 in new powder
Ht 5'10", wt 210#, age 43, skill Lev 8 out of ten maybe a 9 with this new ski

First, i demoed five other skies befor zeroing in on the 8800;The conditions for these five were refrozen spring corn at steamboat. Not the best , but enough to go through stack rank elimination.

Atomic B5, friendly enough ski, but it was like wearing cinder blocks on my feet.

Volkle 724 pro, I thought I would like this ski more than I did. But the B5 was better.

Volkle 724 EXP, fun ski, great edge hook-up, good in bumps and high speed groomers. Better than B5 and 724Pro.

Scratch BC, skiable enogh but did not do anything better in these conditions than the other three.

Final ski I tested that weekend, Legend 8000, The only ski I termed a "Blast" to ski. Very versital ski. Quick edge to edge, forgiving, variety of turn shapes. Large sweet spot, as far as balance piont. If I did not already have an almountain frontside ski, this would have been the choice.

But the ski I was looking for was a good backside ski. Based on how much fun the 8000 was , The next logical demo was the 8800.

Demoed it this past week. What a great ski in soft snow. It does not float as much as I would like but it excells at other catagories that it out ways the lack of float. Very lively in the bumps. Easy to change turn shapes. Very forgiving in crud. Fun and fast turns in the steeps. The only place I did not take it was into the trees. I believe it will do me fine in the trees, I need a skim that will turn quickly in the trees. And based on how it performed , I believe.

The Net, I bought the ski a few days later.

Here is my thoughts on mounting piont. There has been some discussion on this site about moving the mounting piont back a 1 to 1/2 centimeters. I fully expected to do that if I chose to purchase, BUT. I did not think the ski would be so responsive and fun to ski. In the end I did not want to sacrifice any of the resposiveness, when I can live with how the ski floats in powder. I mounted it right were Dynastar recommends. If I want to float on top of powder then I should be looking at a true fat ski not a midfat. But for the most part here in CO the conditions are more likely to be 6-10 in, which this ski will be fine in.
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I also own and love the 8800. Just curious, what length did you ski it at? Besides the binding mount position, this will have a dramatic affect on float.
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tic toc. glad you like the ski. fwiw the only thing dynastar changed on the ski for '06 WAS the mounting point.

And the 8800 is not a mid fat. Mid fats have 70>80 mm waists. This is a powder and soft snow ski.

The 8000 is closer to a mid fat. If that's even a term anymore as ski waists continue to grow.
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Well, as long as Ski Nose Pop has spilled the beans, I must chime in that he is totally correct.
I mounted the binding 1cm back after hearing/reading that the 06' "Dynastar recommended position" would be 1-11/2 cm back. And, by the way, I have no problems with responsiveness or maneuverability. The ski turns very easily even in short radius, and even @ the 178cm that gives me plenty of float. There are wider skis, but the 8800 is a true wide body, and again gives plenty of float.
So, I return to my question of the length you skied/bought it at? I'm 35lbs less than you, and ski the 178cm as mentioned. You need a long ski dude. In my not so humble opinion, evrrybody is going a little too short these days all over. But, for powder? As sure as it is that for powder the lengths must be longer than usual, lots of folks don't seem to realize this. I'm on a 170cm GSy type ski (Head 1100 SW), and am in the market for a SL ski @ 160-165cm). But, the 8800 was a no brainer @ 178cm.
Look, if you made a mistake on the length, besides the mounting (ooh, it hoights, don't it now?), don't agonize over it. Just fix it. Tell me first if yeah, and I'll tell you how. Come on, what's the length, spit it out. Just use one of these when you do, and it will work.
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Tested and bought the 178's. And I have already concluded that if I shed a few LB's I will get more float.
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Originally Posted by tictoc
Tested and bought the 178's. And I have already concluded that if I shed a few LB's I will get more float.
I weigh 175 and bought the 178. My target weight is 170.
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I'm curious and somewhat confused....you say you already have an all mountain frontside ski...so why did you test the skis that you did? I understand the 8800 for the backside (and the Scratch BC), but it seems you compared a bunch of different apples (read: mid-fats-- which aren't the best choice for backside skiing) to an orange (the 8800). Why didn't you try other skis in the 8800's category?:
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Yes, The skies I demoed were a very eclectic mix. I did that because in the past my ski selecting and purchasing process was very narrow minded. This time I wanted to cast a broad net and see were it took me.

As for not trying other skies in the 8800 category. I was impressed with how the 8800's raised my game over my other skies ( Volkle Motions & G4's) that I felt I had the right ski under me with the 8800's. Plus my plan is to keep adding to my quiver.
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tictoc: Ok, now brace yourself. I'm sorry dude, but you need the 188cm., even if your planning to shed a few pounds. You have heard, me and skinosepop both ski the 178cm, and are both also trying to go down to 170lbs. So unless your talking about droping 40lbs, you need the 188cm and 1cm back mounting. Trust US on this. Or, at least go demo the 188 next yr.
I bought the Salomon Pocket Rocket @ 165 on bad advise. Besides being way to soft - the 8800 is just right for crud and powder - it was just too short for me. I gave it to my wife of 130lbs and bought up to the 178cm 8800s. Either do the same, or sell the 178s. But, even worse than making a similar mistake, is not fixing it.
Sorry, just trying to help.
Will be out of town for a week. Skinosepopsicle, take care of things.
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I recently bought the 8800 in 188cm mounted with P12 Ti Lifters. I am 5'10 190 or so right now (out of shape) and ski pretty hard. I went with 188 because I think under 180cm does not have stability at speed in variable conditions for someone my size. The skis are great and I've used them every day, even when there is hard packed conditions. I can rail GS turns on groomers, although there are some edge grip/flapping problems at high speed on icy groomers, but that is not what these skis are meant for, and they definetely are passable in those conditions. The extra length and longish radius (27m) helps when straightlining through crappy snow (don't hook and force you to turn). Hopefully next time I buy skis I will be in much better shape, and then I will get Legend Pros and never ski slow
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tictoc, that is now three of a kind. Happens to the best of us.
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