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LCC & BCC hammered for days!

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yo bears the SLC area is hammered.

I returned late last night from 3 days in SLC, and it was PUKING snow in the little and big cottonwoods.

skied Tuesday with Matt_Davis at Solitude, and then Wed & Thurs at Alta with my college buddy Iggy. everywhere there was snow knee deep, up to waist deep in spots. face shots? of course, you maroons!

of course the gaper ratio was high at Alta, you could hear the people complaining "how do people ski this stuff?" (usually "stuff" wasn't the word). the snow was a bit heavy, being late March, but still was quite good, equal to the powder we usually get in western MT.

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Wooo Hooo! Going there tonight! Can't wait!
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Nope bad time to ski here in Utah. very very bad. Nope, There is way to much snow. So much snow you can't ski fast. If you should release from your skis, It also makes finding your skis difficult. Little Kids seem to vanish in the snow with only the tops of little helmets showing. There a chance Avalanche control will bomb your house an car.

This is a true story. Seems Avanache control sorta missed and hit the back yard of a home leaving a 6 foot deep crater and doing damage to the home and a car.
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