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Another Bear makes it big!

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Okay, so I figure he's not going to post it on his own, so I'm starting this thread to give major props to our own Tibetan Tree Frog.

I got a call from him last night. He just made the PSIA-E Dev Team!!!!!!

For those of you in other divisions or who don't know, the Development team is the first step on the Ed Staff ladder. After Dev team comes ETS (examiner training squad). The Frog only got his L3 2 years ago and his L2 two years before that, so he's definitely on the fast track. Especially for a part-time instructor who drives 5-6 hours (each way) every weekend from home to Winham, NY.

Congradulations Mark!!!!!!!!!!
PS, Mark, I'll make sure Sue finds out what she threw in the trash
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Congrates are in order.
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Big accomplishment

Wow. Awsome.

way to go Mark.

(Did you meet a Catamount SSD there by the name of Jay. He made it too)

From what I understand there are only so many positions available. the competition is strong to say the least. Im glad that two days turned into three for you!!!
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Well done Mark! Maybe we can ski together at 8:00 am at Windham. We have some canadates going to lev III exam monday and and i am shure your imput would be welcomed by them.
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I'll be proud to add my congrats too. Looking like Windham's getting back in the PSIA-E "in crowd"
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Thanks for the congrats and thanks to everyone on this forum, it has been a great place to work on skiing when my feet can't be on the snow.

They always say you can tell a great coach by the success of their students and JohnH helped me a lot through the years.

Ron and Stache, I won't be at the mountain this weekend, so wish those guys luck for me.

JPski, I did meet Jay, at the exam and at the prep. He is great guy and I am looking for forward to training with me.
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Did you meet Marsha from Stowe? She didn't think she'd pass, but she did! Hooray for her too!
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Something I forgot to mention...

Many of you know (or at least have heard of) Doug S from Stowe, who coached a group at the ETU (Eastern Tune Up) the past two seasons. Doug made the ETS (Examiner Training Squad) a couple of weeks ago.

Congrats Doug!
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This is full of great news! Way to go Mark and Doug!
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Many congratulations to MP

Hi Mark,

Great seeing you at Hunter last month. Glad you chose to go ahead with the tryout. Seems to have worked out just fine for you. Enjoy, keep skiing into May if you can, and say hi to Kara for me. Oh yes, and congratulations formally.

Marc Schanfarber
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