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Tecnica Hot Form or Ultra Fit?

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I'd like to know who had bought Hot Form boots if you have found some problem with it. Because today, I called most of the on-slope boot fitters in Tahoe and they do not carry Hot Form boots at all, that makes me suspition of something is wrong with the Hot Form boots.

Your comments are mostly appreciated .
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I got Diablo Fire's with Ultra Fits last November at the start of the season. The store didn't stock the Hot Forms. When I asked why they said that it was a commercial decision as they felt that buyers wouldn't pay the hefty upcharge for the Hot Forms, especially as any benefit over the conventional heat mouldable Ultra Fit's was marginal. They recommended putting the upcharge into custom footbeds instead.
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I have a pair of Rival RX5. Got them this year. I too was looking for HotForm but the shop said that retailers learned not to stock them heavily because most people were not willing to spend the extra cash just for the additional feature. You can probably find it early in the season but from what I understand most retailers will usually only cary 1 or 2 with the hotform.
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i got replacement liner from my ski shop and they shipped me hot forms..i have skied on them for about 20 days and i had a problem with them but i went to see keith holmquist"did not purchase from his shop" at The Pro ride and ski in hunter NY and he hook me up with a custon foot bed ,adjusted the cant and last but not least fluffed up the hot forms to re-fit them felt sweet in the shop ..will be skiing on them sat and sunday...let you know how they work out...He also said they were good liners
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I have the HotForms and have skied them all season and have had no issues.

The remarks I have heard from the shops is that it was a business decision not to buy a lot of the HotForms because as a few folks mentioned they did not think consumers would pay the extra money.

Besides the ability to “heat molded” the boots to your foot I found that having the ability to plug my boots in after skiing and let the liners dry from the inside out is fantastic! It makes for a better day skiing the next day. Also being able to heat your boots in the car on the way to the slopes is not bad either. I think it was worth the extra $80 IMO.
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