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Am I crazy or what?

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Yah, I just returned from a great week at Mammoth, and drove through Tahoe yesterday and saw all the snow, and I just want to go skiing.Only 25 days so far. My wife and best friend and skiing companion just says the season if OVER, BUT, I want to go back this weekend! Yah, the yard needs some work and but the snow is calling me, so what to do? Anyone out there in the Bay area want to ski with an intermediate enthusiast? I COULD GO BY MYSELF, and have on a few ocassions but I would love to find a new skiing enthusiast like my self. Am I really over the edge? This is only my second season and I know that I have the newbee enthusiasm, but what the hey. Anyone out there want to hook up for a day trip? How about this Sat at Tahoe? Send me a pm, we can arrange a meeting and possible car pool.
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You ain't crazy! You're addicted. But, then again, so am I!

I bet you get a couple PMs and are skiing with Bears this weekend!
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