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Mantra sizing

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Well I think I've decided that I need to get myself 2 pairs of skis for next season. I'll either be getting the HotRod Top Fuels or the Nitrous in a 170, can't decide on which one yet. The other pair after reading great reviews of will be the Volkl Mantras. I'm thinking of getting the 184's. I've been demoing the Mad Trix Mojo in a 176 and been digging it. I'm 5'10" and 185 and ski aggressively. Do you think the 184's would be too much as I've heard the 178 Top Fuels would be or are they the way to go?
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Squirel, why do you think the 178 Top Fuel would be too much for you? I think bong is about your size, and he loved the 178!
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Just by going on the advice of people who outwiegh me and have tried both and still ski a 170. It's not that I don't think I could handle the 178, I've just heard that the 170 would probably be more enjoyable and versitale for such a stiff ski.
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I've heard nothing but accolades for the Nordica Top Fuel from people that have skied it.
I'm 6'2", 190 lbs, and ski aggressively and on the edge (pun unintended) and skied the Mantra in both lengths last weekend in powder and cut up powder.

Assuming you would use the Noridica for on piste and hard snow conditions and Mantra for soft snow and off piste, then I would absolutely get the 184cm Mantra. It will provide a greater diversity and contrast to the Nordica (Nitrous or Top Fuel) than the 177 Mantra. 184 Mantra gave me more security/stability at high speed charging in powder and crud than the 177. It was far less quick turning and for those speeds and conditions it's better than the 177, IMHO.

177 Mantra was very turny. To have that ski and one of the Nordica you mention in a 17_ length would be too much overlap or redundancy compared to having the 184 Mantra.
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Cool, thanks for the advice. The Mantras would be my powder and crud skis. Was on the 176 Mojos last weekend in Mammoth in 2 feet of fresh, unbelievable, but the crud was a bit of a workout. Hoping the extra length on the Mantras will work better. Now all I need is a second job, to feed my skiing jones!!!!!!!!!
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