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skiing tommorrow near nyc

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Was thinking of going somewhere local, maybe MT Peter since its ony an hour away. It/s going to hit 46 degrees and I'm thinking the snow may be too wet for decent skiing

Any feedback/ opinions ??
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Get up an hour earlier and drive to Windham. Stay over at the Kopper Kettle and tell them you are a member of www.WindhamUnderground.org for a discount. 12" new fluffy powder this morning, Beach Party weekend = pond skimming Saturday and Big Air on Sunday.
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Mountain Creek got 7 inches yesterday.. I'd go there over mt peter, it's the same 1hr drive.
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I'd put in for Windham, I lucked out and was able to make it out there yesterday for the powder. Was a great (albeit exhausting) day. With the amount of snow around, I'm sure things are going to be in great shape with grooming for the weekend.

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Borrow your best friends skis or better yet your significant other's skis and go to Plattekill.
Hey $25 day at Belleayre on Easter Sunday.
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Ended up I had to work anyway. Let me know how the conditions were.

Are these areas generally open Easter Sunday??
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Windham will be open EVERY day until at least Apr 3.
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