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Late season in the east.

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Does anyone know if there are any places open in the east from the 19th to around the 24th of April? And if so, how much terrain is open? Is it worth the trip?
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Worth the trip from where??
Kmart will be open, Sugarloaf will be open, want to hike up tuckerman's ravine???
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What about tremblant?
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Sugarbush seems to think they will be open as well
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A few people that own condos up at Sugarloaf say the conditions are pretty good right now.

The latest I have skied at Sugarloaf was April 20th and it was pretty wet.
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I was at Sugarloaf Monday and the conditions were amazing! Great coverage and nice snow. I'd suspect they'll be in good shape if they don't get a sudden warm up. But then again, this is the East Coast. It's hard to garantee good snow conditions on the West coast by those late dates so here on the East coast it's even more of a gamble in my opinion...
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I once skied Sugarloaf mid-April and the place was 100% open. But they had gotten 2-3 feet on St Patricks day and then the weather stayed cold for the next 3-weeks. It warmed up for us and we skied the snowfields with perfect spring corn.
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sounds great, i'll check sugarloaf out.
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