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Where does L7 work?

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I'm in Banff, and I need new boots. I think that L7 works in a ski shop here in town. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me which shop it is.
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You might PM him.LewBob
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Lake Louise.
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Pretty sure he was at Ultimate Ski in Banff, not 100% sure if he's still in the business though.
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L7 works?
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I just remembered. He quit the ski shop is working with/for Atomic in various roles, probably part time. LewBob
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How do we know that you're not a secret assassin?
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Originally Posted by Captain_Strato
How do we know that you're not a secret assassin?
That's funny, wait maybe it's wishful thinking.

I am not at a shop these days but am in Banff. Although at Lake Louise most of the day starting up with almost the entire Alberta contingent of the TGR boards including DougW and Mtnlion from this board.

I digress, I'm in town now you can PM if you like and we can talk if you let me know how to get in touch.

For boots Brian at GS is very good and will get you set up right. Not sure of there selection at the moment. Some of the guys at Monod's are good although not so into modifications but they have a wide selection that helps eliminate the need for that. I strongly suggest you not vary from those choices as things get ugly fast.

If you get in touch I can help you out a fair bit I'm sure.

Hey Leeroy you work for the city don't talk to me about who works.
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Originally Posted by L7
That's funny, wait maybe it's wishful thinking.
Naw! We gotta protect the Bears on this board.

Who knows what evil is being concocted by the Elbonian ski team? Atomic techs are possible targets due to their vast knowledge. We'll stand by you!

Our ski club will be at Banff (sking Sunshine) from April 17 to 19, and at Lake Louise from April 20 to 22nd.

Perhaps we'll see you. if you're in the neighborhood!
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It's my neighbourhood, I'll be about. Not going anywhere til the fat lady sings. Had to pull the plug early last season.
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L7, you heading to Pano for the Ski Canada tests? 3-9 April or whatever the Monday through Friday dates are. Army, K.Mac, and I will be there bringing the fun. Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaw!!
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No, you took my spot. Working for skis, what's wrong with you? Armie will never break his cheap habits that way. Actually I think we have a demo the same time. Although Dave (whose condo you're staying in) did suggest I just arrive and start drinking the beer. Who knows, it could be a giggle.
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Its skis out his pocket and cash into mine. I get all cash back for mileage and expenses. Plus, I sell all my gear once the season is done. Some stuff used 2 days, other brand spanking new.

I took your spot? You jest. This will be the 10th I've done. Only missed Fernie two years ago, and Army had his hands full then. Come on down. Just don't drink the rum. That's for one person only.

Watch for gear questions pile up.
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You certainly don't have to worry about me drinking rum. If you did this 10 years you must have been there when I did the test around here. I might come down, see how things go. Army still owes me from rescuing his Amex that he left in the bar the night he used my fabulous guest closet.
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if you need a hand with new boots I've worked with L7, and can help with boots too.
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The crisis has passed, and I'm not going to throw my old boots away just yet. I will look you up, though, when I'm ready to upgrade.
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