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After skiing my own skis and demoing a few pair over the last few weeks I think I have realized that two skis would make me happy all season long.

They are Fischer's Big Stix 84 (186) and Rossignol's Bandit X(184).

I love my Bandits (several years old) for bumps and soft snow conditions. I own the Fischer 74 but compared to both of the above it is a bit stiff...I had tired legs and the snow friday at Maryjane was hard underneath with a few inches of fluff on top. I kept catching my edges and wishing for a less stiff ski. This surprised me as the weekend prior they were taking it all on with ease. The difference being my tired legs I suppose. I almost went to the car for my Bandits, which would have loved the conditions. But me and friends went above treeline for the rest of the day where the 74's stiffness allowed them to blast through the fresh and windpack and crud. They were much more appropriate for those untracked conditions. But I kept wondering if the 84 would have been better down below and just as good if not better up above. It had a seemingly cleaner turning arc (due to lack of metal and more shape??) than the 74.

Saturday I took my bandits out and had my best bump day yet this year. I was tired going in and thought I would cruise a few runs and call it a day...but when skiing that translated into "relaxed" which made for a supernimble fun time once I got myself warmed up. To avoid the crowds I hung out under the lift at Vasquez Ridge which holds great snow that was more or less unskied near the bottom. Bumps into fresh. Oh yeah!

Anyway, just thoughts. I'd like to compare the new Bandit XX with my Fischers just to see but I do think the 84 and the X would be a great area combo.

So many skis, not enough dinero.