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Sorry Sclase!

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Shoot, shucks, sh-t! Sclase's season stopped with a snap!

Ok I can't think of any more "s" words. Sorry Sclase (there's another), I haven't been on the board much at all what with a move and all, so I didn't know that'd you'd been injured. I realize there is a long thread wishing you well, so this post is probably redundant. But I wanted to make sure my well-wishing wasn't lost in the shuffle (another).

I am sorry you were injured, and if you need any errands run by a friend and almost neighbor, send me a private message (I get alerts in my mail box) and I'll lend a hand.

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Thanks Joe
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Rotofury, you went out with a snap early at the beginning of the season. How goes the shoulder? Ready for the season opener 2005? You need to treat yourself to a theraputic trip to Tahoe to track our terrific terrain this time. Its softer!
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Maybe Roto and I should plan a trip together.

We will both come back to Boston in body casts.

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Scalce ... if you are paying I am going!

Actually, wife and I are skiing Sunday River this weekend. I already have butterflies. My shoulder got cranky this week when I returned to the weight room. BUt the doc said I can ski again, so I am taking his advice. If I fall, I can blame it on doctor's orders.

Really though this topic is about Scalce. Mike, seriously, if you need anything, just send me a PM. I would be happy to lend a hand. You can't milk it forever, so enjoy it while you can.

By the way: Try to get some Perc's. WOW do I miss those.
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