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Where Would Jesus Ski?

I believe he would ski at Snowbasin.

Where do you believe Jesus would ski?

What Would Jesus Ski?

I believe he would ski on Atomic Metrons.

What do you believe Jesus would ski on?
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Can't answer your questions, but the guy who won the Slush Cup (race downhill to the other side of a pond) during Boyne Mtn.'s Krazy Daze last Sunday was riding a snowboard, wearing a long gown and had the typical image hair and whiskers, and he carried a big cross!
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Shouldn't Jesus ski on Mt Ararat or something?

And he wouldn't really need skis - it being frozen water, he could just walk on the snow.
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Um. I think he'd be skiing at HEAVENLY?!

Not sure what skis he'd be on.
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If he can walk on water, then I'd assume he can ski on water too. Thus entering the slush cup would be cheating, wouldn't it?
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