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Oakley Wisdom goggles -- Your thoughts?

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I'm looking into some new goggles for the upcoming season, and the Oakley Wisdom model has caught my eye for a number of reasons.

I have a fairly wide face, and there are a number of goggles that don't fit properly because of this. (too narrow)

This is initally what attracted me to the Wisdom series, as they appear to wrap around your face rather nicely, and the fact that air movement inside the goggles is directed away from your eyes is another plus.

Are there any owners of Wisdom goggles here on EpicSki? If so, could you post your experience with them? Also, if there are any other models you might recommend that fit the above preferences please post them.

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I absolutely love my Oakleys. Had a pair of the A frames, which were a little small for me, especially with my helmet on(I have a wide face too). Got a pair of the Wisdoms last season and they're the best goggles I've ever owned, and I've been through a few. The Oakleys have the truest vision of any goggles that I've tried. No distortion, no fogging, and doesn't change the actual colors of everything. It's like not having anything on at all. The swivels where the strap attaches to the frame lets them fit a wide variety of helmets. I still carry a pair of the A frames in my bag as a spare for warmer days when it's too hot for a helmet. Also have a pair of the Oakley M frames that I use for cycling. I know that people complain that they are expensive, but I like to see where I'm going and they're well worth it to me.
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I had oakley A frames before and I bought them because, don't laugh, they were oakley. Like MAC, I have a pair of the M-frames (the non-foldable ones from i think 1998 or so) and the optics on those glasses were stellar. Unlike most lenses, I didn't notice any distortion towards the edge of the lenses and the color resolution was stellar...hell, i was able to look in the distant sky and tell where the smog layer ended even on a day that wasn't hazy at all [img]smile.gif[/img]

So with this good experience, I went ahead and purchased the A-Frames a few years ago...boy was I disappointed. I BELIEVE (i gave them to someone) they were gold iridium lenses...the same as my M-Frames. The color was good where contrast existed (snow vs tree trunk), no fogging up, but they were completely useless to me while skiing. I couldn't see any terrain features on the snow while going fast...so I'd hit a bump without prepping for it...i'd encounter a dip and the nose dives into the dip and i fall....etc.

I switched to the cheapest goggles i could find...a pair of Smith goggles I bought for $25. Those, while not providing true color that the oakleys did, did enhance, imho, the less contrasted details better which was what I was looking for for skiing.

From reviews and trying other goggles on, I would also try checking out a pair of Scott goggles with i think the Voltage lens as I've heard nothing but praises from their users and I was also quite impressed while trying them on in the snow. The blues showed up much clearer with those lenses...now to put them to use on the mountain. I'm planning on trying a set of Marker goggles later this season (don't know which line) but i will let you guys know what i think of them.

So the point is, the oakley a-frames weren't worth the $140 i paid for them. if they've improved the wisdoms lenses over the a-frames, then i would definitely consider trying another pair of oakleys again [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I have a pair of wisdom's that I used last year. Mine have the high intensity blue lens. I love them, they fit great with or without a helmet. They never fog and I need not say anything about the lens. You can't go wrong with either one. I chose the blue one because it lets in more light then the darker lenses.

Well worth it got mine new of ebay for 100.00 instead of paying 140.00 in a store!
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When I bought mine, I got the permisson lenses instead of the iridium. Heard the iridium scratch easily, and so far the permisson have been great in all conditions.
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ever try smith regulator series? if not try them! i tried everything oakley had, so did my girlfriend. they're ok, but fit only certain kinds of heads. check out the smiths and you won't be disappointed. they have far better field of vision, the plastic's more durable, better quality elastic with clip in the back and they're comparable version to the wisdom with iridium lense is only $85 (replacement persimon lenses are $20). great deal, comfortable, and better quality, don't believe me, find out for yourself. also check out santa cruz goggles.
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Go Oakley. I have a pair of their straight jackets and a pair of juliets and I'll never touch another brand of optics again. I use smiths for days when they're blowing snow, but that's because I'm poor and goggles are pretty low on my list. If I could afford them, I'd defintly go with Oakleys. They're the best.
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can quick straps be used with wisdom?
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I have two pair. One high intensity persimmon for flat, overcast, night. The other fire iridium for blue bird days. They are the nicest goggles I have owned in 37 years of skiing. Super clear, no distortion, comfortable and they don't fog.

Try to pick up a pair on SAC or E Bay.
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Wisdom...unwise. No seriously while I dint argue that Oakley makes some quality optics and cant shake the idea that back in my BMX days they were a small company with some very basic offerings, their BMX gloves and handle bar grips were probably the coolest things they made then all of a sudden they decided to quintuple their prices and deem themselves better than the rest and a super premium brand (have you seen the 100% plastic running glasses $250!!!). Just as good or better can be had for much less IMHO.
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The widson's don't fit worth a darn in my Giro helmets, so I stuck with the A -Frames (way too much exposed skin with the Wisdoms) Same color lenses (I like the blue and pink Iridium and the green light amplifiers), so pick what you like best. I have 5 sets sitting here in the hotel in Utah waiting to see whatg the weather looks like in the morning.

So - bottom line - check what fits your helmet best.
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I have two pairs of Wisdoms. Persimmon for overcast/night skiing. Fire iridium for sun. One has the "helmet" strap and one does not. The helmet strap hasa beas of silicone to help keep the goggles in place which really only matters when resting the goggles on the brim of my helmet.

The iridium does scratch somewhat easily. On the other hand my persimmon seems to be bomb proof. I was skiing in the mist one day and my goggles would be totally iced up at the end of each run. I had to use my drivers license to scrape the ice off but still no scratches.

I've only had my goggles fog up once. Two sundays ago at Blackjack in Michigan. Wind chills of -25 and I was wearing a balacava under my helmet and goggles. The warm air would travel up teh balacava and enter the bottom of the goggles. Then it would turn to ice because of the temp. Can't really blame the goggles for that one though. That was the day I could only ski three runs before needing to go inside and warm up.

My wisdoms seem to fit just fine with my Giro Omen helmet. I'm very pleased witht them and would buy them again.
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Stop digging up old threads about Oakley Wisdom goggles and posting a reply that nobody reads to ask your question. Start a new thread asking your question. Now we have three old threads on the board about Wisdom's and judging from the responses nobody even saw your question tossed in there. I didn't even see it the first time I read this post. Not trying to be a d*ck, just offer some helpful advice to get your question answered. Oh yeah, and welcome to the forums

I have never used quick straps but judging by how they install I'll say NO they can't be used with Wisdoms. Wisdom's strap attaches with a pin that allows the strap to rotate 360 around the goggle. The pin piece is fixed to the strap and cannot be removed from it.
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I tried the A-frames for a narrow fit. The first discovery was the strap was too short for helmet use. OK, bought the extended strap, strap was longer, but still tight with a helmet.
Then, the lens fogged (between layers)..... arrgh! I like their sunglasses, but not their goggles.

BTW, tried the ZEAL? I like, but also like the Smith's!
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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post
The widson's don't fit worth a darn in my Giro helmets, so I stuck with the A -Frames (way too much exposed skin with the Wisdoms) Same color lenses (I like the blue and pink Iridium and the green light amplifiers), so pick what you like best. I have 5 sets sitting here in the hotel in Utah waiting to see whatg the weather looks like in the morning.

So - bottom line - check what fits your helmet best.
Advice well heeded. I just picked up a pair of Wisdoms off SAC and they don't fit my Solomon helmet. Found this out on the ride up to Vail and had to duct tape the $hit out of them to make 'em stay in place on my helmet. Almost a laugh, but really a cry.
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giro must be sking? I bought them for snowmobile.
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Yes Giro makes skiing and cycling helmets.

Don't know if you saw my answer in my earlier post. After looking at the "Quick straps" it does NOT appear they can be used with the Wisdom googles due to the pin that attaches thestrap to the goggles. Hope that helps.
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thanks, i thought that as well.
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I work in a shop here in JH and we see people all the time who are unstaisfied with the fragility of the Oakley lenses. Crazy easy to be scratch- even if you are being careful.

Also fogging for me has been an issue. Off the floor purchases are strongly discouraged- yet a bought a pair off the floor a few weeks ago for use on a deep and dark powder day. I only wear Smith Prodigys (the BEST GOGGLE ON THE MARKET).

I have found the Oakleys uncomfortable on the face, quality foam, and lenses I have to wipe (very carefully) on every Gondola ride.

In Oakley's defense, I only wear then on powder days and dress for warmer temps. Yet things still get pretty steamy. My Smith Prodigys have never fogged. Ever. No shat.
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I read a reply from someone once that said the Oakley wisdom pinched their nose. Having a big nose, I have experienced a similar problem. This was very disappointing, especially since I purchased the goggles on Ebay. However, I have now rectified the issue by taking the scissors to the foam at the base of the goggle (right where my nose fits). The google now fits 100% better; I can now breath through my nose whilst wearing the google. There are no issues wit the goggle sealing over my nose either......just goes to show that a bit of ingenuity can overcome most issues.

Nevertheless, I still feel as though my old Oakley O-frames (same as modern day E-frames) fit better and feel more comfortable. I have never has a problem with O-frames fogging either...except for that one time I sat them on my head whilst having lunch....fogged for the rest of the afternoon after that. I think the moral of the story here is that fit and comfort (and vision) are way more important than looks....
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I used wisdoms for a season and i got tired of replacing scratched lenses so i switched to smith phenoms. I have a really wide face and the phenoms fit better than the wisdom's ever did. Really good peripheral vision. The lenses seem a little more scratch resistant than the oakley's but you still have to be careful. They fit my helmet better than the oakley's did.
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I have some Oakley Wisdoms that worked on my old helmet, but not on my current one. I currently use Oakley A-Frames and they fit fine. The problem is the plastic swivel-bit right next to the frame of the goggle.
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Bought the Wisdoms for my trip to Utah last month. They were fantastic. Fit, performance and overall vision quality were much better than my Spy Orbits that I had been using. Be aware that the Fire Iridium lenses will easily scratch, but my mirrored Orbits did the same exact thing. I guess it's the price one has to be prepared for the cool look. I'd highly recommend them, as I do all Oakley products. I've been depending on Oakley optics since '87.

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