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Any Auto-x'ers?

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Well, I am looking to kill some cones this summer.
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Haven't done it yet, but I plan to this year. I had been into drag racing my Mustang street car but recently got rid of it in favor of something more friendly and comfortable to drive. I got a '00 328Ci 5-speed with a bunch of Dinan upgrades including suspension and all. Quite sporty for a "luxury" car. I'm definitely looking forward to running around some cones and finally turning the wheel while racing.

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Haven't done it in several years. Nero Uno is resting on flat tires in my back garage.
Check the photo gallery
Used to run it in the Porsche Club events. Really freaked them out when I'd sidestep the clutch about 10 grand and not lift through second gear 'till the first cone. If I broke it I had a room full of spares that I got for free. Imagine what the bill would be to fix a Porsche if you blew the trans. (or the motor)
Beside the FAZA fiberglass kit and 8" American wheels it has two Webber IDAs, a Holly fuel pump, a header with Super Trap and a cam with 324 degrees duration over 100 deg overlap and I'd have to look up the lift(memory is the second thing to go) I think I last had the cam 8 degrees advanced to help the torque a little. The engine is a 1500 with a 1300 head opened up a bit (I used to have a homemade flow bench). Compression is around 10 to 1. A friend of mine is still running a simialer car and usually has fast time at Madison Sports Car Club events.
There's a lot of simialarity to slalom ski racing in the tactics.
Lately I just do the Alfa Club hillclimb(das Kurze Klausenrennen) at New Glarus with my street car (also in the photo gallery) Last year Shelley died on the day of the hillclimb and I never had the car out all summer.
What do you run Phil?
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Used to a decade ago. E/S Jetta, C/SP Miata, E/P Honda, A/SP 911. Did SCCA up to the national tour level, before running out of talent. Gave up cars for motorcycles.
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Haven't auto-X'd in years. But, I highly recommend it if you've never done anything like it before (racing in a straight line doesn't count). The skills you'll learn will dramatically improve your day-to-day driving.

Like ski racing though there is a lot of standing around while waiting your for run. Auto-x offers too little seat time (around 3 or 4 minutes max) for the whole day that it usually chews up.

Driver's schools offer way more seat time, are more fun, you drive at full speed and actually get out of 2nd gear, but typically lead to racing ($$$), even more time, and more standing around.

All of that time investment with not much health benefit (unless you count a high heart rate while seated) finally forced me back into racing bicycles instead. But I do miss it.
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I run my Miata in C-stock. Yeah, seat time is minimal, but I learned a ton about my limits and my cars limits. Our region is running a split schedule this summer, so you aren't taking a whole day, just half. If you haven't ever done it, give it a try.
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The wasted days for little seat time are nothing compared to the nights of prep time a competitive car requires. I'm quite competitive by nature and can't be satisfied without trying to improve the car.
The time commitment plus cost are just too much for me these days. Health benefits are another thing I'm concerned about. There's only so much time in a day.
I keep thinking about a turbo for the street car though.(that Saab 9000 has been sitting there for 6 years, maybe some day)
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