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Here's the deal on the new Bandit Line:

I didn't demo the skis but saw the equipment at the shop here locally today. It just arrived yesterday and they will be putting them out on the shelves next month. The manager who is a friend let me have a look at them and gave me some info.

The B1 is nothing more than the old 'Bandit' that has been around for a while and Rossignol brought back this year. The specs are the same accept for the new graphics. The new B1 will replace the old Bandit and be the entry level 'intermediate' ski. Nothing is changing with this Bandit. It still has a all wood core and same specs but a new graphic.

The B2 replaces the current B1 and outside of the new graphics it has a new metal layer to increase stiffness and give it more 'pop'. Sizes are downgraded a little to keep the weight pretty much the same. Waist is expanded 3 mm. All other specs the same.

The B3 replaces the current B2 and as with the B2 above has a new layer of metal wedged in. Sizes are downgraded as well and the ski is a little fatter to accomodate the smaller size and retain the same flotation charactersitics of the current B2.

Same applies for the B4- it is the current B3 with addition of metal plate etc etc.

Basically all that is changing is they decided to give the B2-B4 a little more 'pop' by adding a metal layer and decraesing the sizes slightly while increasing the waist a few mm.

They also are putting out a new performance ski in the Bandit line(can't remember the name but it is green). It looks like a cross between a midfat and a GS ski.