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Adult race training in The East (for a Newbie)

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I didn't start skiing until 7 years ago (in my late twenties)-I've progressed pretty well over that time-putting in days,travelling, seeking out coaching, fitness...but I think to really step it up (for next season) I want to start racing and race training. I've found a few weekend camps (though they seem focused on advancced racers) and most longer programs are only for junior. I live in Western, Massachusetts-Anyone know of a good regional program for adults who want to learn to race (or even coaches in the region who might want to work me)?


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I don't think any of the mountains in western mass have adult racing training, at least I know they didn't when I lived up there... I think your best bet would be to find a mountain that has some kind of beer league racing on weeknights and just get experience. If you are around racing you can pick up pointers from the better guys in the league...
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Check out the New England Masters site under Training opportunities, it will give you some ideas

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Killington also has programs available:


I've never done it, so I'm not sure who it's catered towards, but it can't hurt to look into.
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they have a masters program at waterville valley. full time or you can buy a "ten pack" if you can't commit to the whole season, every weekend. i have two skiers (JV and JII) and cannot commit to the full schedule, so i'm thinking of getting the 10 training days with them next year.
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Definitely join the Masters program (see www.USSA.org as well), you'll get all the speed you need and then some. Great excuse to spend lots of bucks on gear and travel to a different mountain every weekend. Where else can you have the best run on the mountain all to yourself with no speed limit except your skill? Get Lisa Densmore's book "Ski Faster"--she'll be at Big Sky next week for the Masters Nationals kickin' my ass. If I could only ski like a girl . . .

Good Luck,

Einstein was right: the faster you go, the slower you age.
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Thanks Guys-this has been helpful advice (the two websites are pretty informative, too).

Here's to getting faster!
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Glad it helped Liam. If you want to do more racing next season, the NE Masters is a good series with some excellent courses
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