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Burnin Luv v One Luv

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Hello all -

I am new to the forum but have been lurking for a bit. You all are a wealth of info.

I am looking to pick up a new pr of end of season skis. I am a larger "girl" (mid 30s) skiier - 5,9, about 230 (but shrinking every week), ski blues and groomed blacks and am starting to hit some small bump runs. I ski fairly fast and could be termed mildly aggressive. I mainly ski in the East (VT) with a trip to Austria every few yrs.

I demoed a 167 One Luv and really liked it. (I think I would like anything after skiing on 6 yr old K2 3s - length 178.) The shop guy mentioned that I might like the Burnin Luv better. If I can find a pr (and that could be tough), I am trying to decide what ski would be better.

General thoughts appreciated - and if anyone knows the answer to the following Qs

Do I need a metal wrapped ski for stability given my size?

Would I outgrow the One Luv - I have seen some reviews that call it an adv. intermediate ski that could be too soft if I progress.

I would like to ski on my next ski for a number of years not look for another pr in 3-4 years. (I only get in about 10-15 days a year).

Finally, thoughts on length?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Neesieb --
Other people here will answer all the technical stuff for you, but I found some interesting info on the K2 women's chat board, so you might want to read some of the chat Q & A's over there about their skis.

I've been skiing on K2: T-Nine X's for the past 3 years, of which they told me the new equivalent is the One Luv. I'm 5' 1 1/2" and not an agressive skier, but like you, am beginning to get into bumps and steeper terrain and also some off-piste. It had been suggested by instructors that I get the Nine X's because of the softer flex and get 160's instead of 153's, because they'd be more stable off-piste. I love them, but this past weekend at Stowe in Vermont ice, I was flailing around. Perhaps the Burnin' Luv's like ice better. (But someone in another thread wrote that K2's aren't the best in ice.)

Anyway, here's the link to the K2 f women's forum in case you're interested.

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My wife skis on the burnin luv. She loves them. We could not find the one luvs to demo to compare. She demoed the burnin luvs and thought they were for her. She does not ski off trail much yet, but the metal in the burnin probably makes it more stable on piste. She has been skiing faster and more agressive since she got her burnin luvs. She says they give her much more confidence than her previous skis (Rossi funs).

I would think the softer flex of the one luvs would make it better off piste, but all the reviews and comments I have heard about the burnin luv indicate it is great in everything.

By the way, my wife is a good skier, but not great, and used to get scared and timid on any steeper blue trail or non groomed area, but she now rips down the mountain with alot of speed and confidence.
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Atomic B9

Take a look at the Atomic B9. An excellent woman's ski.

There's a 168 with bindings for $319 (buy-it-now price) on EBay. An excellent deal.

Just do a search for Atomic B9.
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Welcome, neesieb! While I am considerably smaller than you are, I ski at about the same level, albeit less aggressively. Having demoed both models, I believe that you may indeed outgrow the One Luvs pretty quickly, especially if you continue to progress in your technique. The Burnin' Luvs are probably the most popular women's skis out there. If you enjoy going fast, they will rip with stability!

There are, however, some caveats. The Burnin' Luvs are a stiff ski. I found that learning bumps was a bit challenging when skiing on them. Also, do you have any tendency to be in the back seat? The stiff tails may be a problem.

The other issue is availability. The Burnin Luvs are hard to find. On the other hand, you may be able to get a good deal on a demo model. If I can make a suggestion, and further complicate your decision process check out the Dynastar Exclusive Legends. This is probably the most versatile ski out there. Its wider waist will work in some powder like conditions, without impeding its ability to carve.

Good Luck, and keep us posted on your decision!
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Here is a link to my review of the One Luv. If you scroll down, you'll find a post that has a link to my review of the Burnin' Luv. Also, do a search on this forum for these two skis. You'll find many topics posted.
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I haven't skied the One Luv, but I did go out for a day on the previous series, the T-9 Flight, I think? Which started my quest for the perfect T-9 model for me. I did love the Flight, but I wasn't really pushing it. I find it difficult to understand the concept of 'outskiing' a ski, I also think a lot of people are skiing on skis that are really a lot more advanced than they need. You honestly don't need a super stiff ski. Also, the gap between 'advanced intermediate' and 'advanced/expert' is probably a lot greater than you think.

The One Luv will be a lot easier to ride in the bumps, and if it is more forgiving and helps you make a short quick turn, you'll enjoy it more in trees etc.

The Burnin Luvs may challenge you, but while you are still improving your technique in bumps etc, they are not going to make it any easier on you.

Size wise, I have the Burnin in 160, I'm 5'5 and about 160lbs so I think the 167 sounds just right.

The Burnin's did just great on slick hardpack, at least as well as my old Atomic R10's.
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