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Arapahoe Basin

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Hey guys Im gonna be in summit county at the end of may and beg. of June to take the plunge. Just wanted to try to take a few turns at A-Basin. Just curious on what you guys think conditions will be like and how many runs and of what type will be open, or are usually open. P.S. I know it all depends on temps and snowfall I just wanted a few honest predictions.
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I think they'll make it to the beginning of June ok this year. Worst case you may have to upload to a midmountain lift. Best case, the East Wall will be open and a dozen hot chicks will be giving away free beer and massages on The Beach. Skiing usually ranks below barbequing on the list of things to do at A Basin in June.
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Get there so you have a good parking spot. They have had decent snow this season so they should be OK the late part of May into the beginning of June. Just hope the temperatures stay normal.
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BTW, I have two A-Basin freebies for anyone who will walk my dog next Friday and Saturday.
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Based upon current conditions I'll go 50/50 chance east wall will be open. I doubt folks will need to be be downloading by the end of May.

Typical scenario in late May is that there is a freeze thaw cycle, you have to wait till 10:00 a.m. for the snow to soften, and that it is too soft to enjoy by 2:00 p.m.

Best case we keep getting plenty of snow thru late April early May.
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