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Mini Mantra Review

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Location: Mt. Rose, (Tahoe Area), 20 March 05. Bobo's (Reno Ski shop) Demo Day.
Conditions: 24" to 30" of new at 0830. Fairly heavy, lots of wind pack. Intermittent snow showers all day long, 20 to 35 mph wind, 25 to 35 deg. F. Snow was really good if you like it chopped up and chunky (I do!).
What I was Riding: Atomic Powder 8's, 170. Even though these are fat (126-104-116), they were a bit too short for me on that day.
Me: 6', 200 lbs. Will ski most anything, working on skiing everything with style. Some Masters racing experience. Goal this spring is getting into the park and pipe.
Personal Sticks: Volkl G4-188, Volkl P60 GC-178, Salomon WC SG 208, Kastle Speed Machine SG-204, etc...
Boots: New, Old Stock Salomon Corse Axe, 130 Flex.
Other skis tested that day: Blizzard Titan 188, Atomic Metron M-something-185.
The Mantra's!!! Size tested 177. For me, these skis just rocked! I was extremely impressed. For all the specs, see Cirquerider's review. Even though I would have preferred 184's or bigger sticks, I was able to pin the throttle and just rip through the crud on them. I tested these skis after the the Blizzards and the Atomics and it was about 1130. I was getting tired and hungry, skiing non-stop from first lift at 0830. (It was a powder day!) Yet, I was making some of my best turns on these Volkls. With these increased side cut, I could make easy, shorts turns around all the flaying bodies just off the lift. Once things cleared, I could power up and just point them where ever I wanted to go. They also seemed to carve fairly well on the only semi-groomed run I could find. Feeling similar on the flats to my 188 G4s. (Nothing was even close to being hard packed that day) For me, this would be a great, do most everything, Tahoe ski in the 184 length or bigger. The most impressive thing for me was the float through the chop. Yeah, I probably should have tried the K2 Apache (or whatever it is called) and the Pocket Rocket, but for me, it was lust after first ride. Your results may vary. Now I just have to come up $530 (30% off-price) in the next two weeks, in order to reserve a pair for next season.
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Lean on Bobo's to get you a pair now.
Squaw Sports Shop supposedly has 'em.
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