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Review of 2005-06 Rossi B2 and B3

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Demo day at Sugar Bowl California. Terrible conditions: Windblown mashed potatoes over hard pack. Maybe 12 inches of some of the worst Sierra cement I have ever skied. Wet snow and heavy wind made visibility very tough. Me: Age 53, Level III+ skier, 6'0" 180 lbs. Ski Salomon X-Scream @195 and Volkl Snow Ranger @ 180.

These are the skis that others have posted pictures and given the dimensions. In case you have not heard, there is now going to be a B1, B2, B3, and B4. The B4 is the same as today's B3.

I first tried the new B2 at 182 cm; this is now 78 mm underfoot (compared to today's 76mm) and a bit wider tip and tail too. Note: I demoed the 2004-05 B2, but do not own it. First impressions of new B2: Not as damp as the old one, in other words, more lively (which is what they wanted - they have a new sheet of metal in there and the ski is a bit stiffer overall). Not as forgiving as today's B2, but the conditions were so bad, I have to say this could have been me sitting back more due to some of the toughest conditions I have ever been in. This ski wants to go faster than the current B2. Bumps: still a good bumper; Hardpack -- nice, crisp edgehold. Top speed: could not test due to conditions. Short turns: felt like the old B2 which is a medium turn specialist in my opinion, but you can pound out some quick ones if you like. Powder: It cut through very heavy powder, no problem (it has a new "shark tip" which appears to be a bit of metal wrap around the tip -- don't know if tip itself is stiffer). My evaluation is kind of an "incomplete" due to above stated conditions.

Took a break and got on the newest of the Bandit line, the B3. Skied it at 176 cm; could have tried the 184 otherwise. I think the width is now 83 mm. I did not take it to the top of the mountain, but tried to find similar terrain on intermediate area as I took the B2. First impressions: Loved this ski. I think it turned just as quickly as the B2. I could really keep my feet together and make a platform; this is a forgiving ski (but I did not take it into the steeps). Long turns: nice. Powder: great. Edgehold: same as B2.

I found myself wishing Rossi made the new B3 in a 178 or 180. Why? Because when I surfing a big bowl and don't care about quickness, I like the longer length, but I have a hunch that you lose some quickness if you go as long as the 184. This might be like the debate about the Dynastar Legend 8000 (which to get the 178 or the 184?) except the new B3 is 176.

Hope this helps. Wish the conditions were better. They had the B4 but I could not get to it as my ride wanted to leave the mountain and go to the warm condo.
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I just re-read my post from last night, and I realize this is not the best written piece (content or style) the Barking Bear forum has seen. I almost did not write up my experience, but I thought if it provides any insights into these new skis it might be helpful. I orginally was going to ride the B2 through the B4, then the new Salomon skis (follow up to the Pilot Hot skis), but it did not work out. Monday, on the other hand was a super day up there.... but no demos.
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Billiam, it was useful. Thanks for doing it!
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