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Edge angle on Volkl skis

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This past weekend, I had my Volkl Carver Motion retuned at a Sugarloaf shop. I was in a hurry to hit the slopes and didn't inspect them at the shop (my bad...). When I started skiing, I didn't notice any change and upon closer inspection the skis didn't feel any sharper. They actually felt duller. Next time, I go into a shop can I ask for a specific angle to sharpen them to? What should I ask for on my carver motion skis? thanks!
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I don't know what the edge angle should be on your Volkls, but I'm almost (but not quite) willing to bet that if you examine your skis closely, scraping your fingernail along the edge, you will find that they have dulled them near the tip and tail to make them "easier" to ski on.

I've been on a quest to find the original edge angle for my Kästle SG skis too, without finding any definitive answer. I have almost decided to go with a 0.5 base (why would you need any more) and a 2 degree side (compromise between bite and longevity).

Lewbob sent me a page from a book by Seth M? on base bevels. You should drop him a PM.
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actually, it's when I did the fingernail test that I noticed they weren't any sharper than what I brought them in as. They however seem very even from tail to tip. I'm going to do some reserahc on my end and see what I can find.
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PM Skidoc. Heck, next time have him tune your skis. Mike was the Manager and World Cup Race Director for Volkl skis for many years. He now runs Precision Tuning Center in MA as part of Summit Ski Shops. He does mail order tunes.

Skidoc and others can provide you input. My guess is most will recommend 1 degree base bevel, 3 degree side bevel (or at least, no less than 2 degree).
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1 degree base
3 degrees side
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I asked Marker Japan what the normal set up is on Volkl 5 stars when they are sold and they replied as follows:

bevel 1.0 degree +- 0.5
side edge 2.5 degree +- 0.5
edge degree 88.5 (average)

Different model, but I expect it is the same set up on your ski.
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1 deg base, 2 deg side...at least thats what the vertigo series were.
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Mike at Summit in Framingham is amazing. He is the only guy I let touch my skis, his tunes are always perfect and sharp, not to mention the bases. Do yourself a favor and buy the diamond kit that he offers to maintain the tunes without returning to him for another 70 dollar tune. He reccomends 1 degree base and 3 degree side for all skis, as far as he has told me at least.
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