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Mammoth And Sierras Getting Slammed!!

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Anyone Looking To Rehash Winter Take A Look At California And Nevada. 41 Inches At Mammoth In Three Days More To Come!!
Call In Sick The Snoflu Is Back!!
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Looks like 4th of July skiing is a possibility this year!
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HELL YEAH! Looks like I may be able to salvage this ski season yet! I've only been able to get up one time so far


So do you really think they'll stay open that late, or close due to lack of interest? This could be a problem for mountain bike season though

I remember skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows on the last day of May or first day of June before. Ironically, Meadows is already closed for the year.
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Can't remember year but late 90's we skied Mammoth in the am (actually quite good) on 4th of July weekend. Came back to have lunch and grabbed the montain bikes for the afternoon. Went to the hotsprings under the moon, awsome time.
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Here's the resorts closing dates from Snowbomb.com. They are tentative and could be changed.

» Alpine Meadows: Open throughout May
» Bear Valley: April 10
» Boreal: April 10
» Diamond Peak: April 17
» Heavenly: May 1
» Homewood: April 17
» Kirkwood: May 1
» Mammoth: Open throughout May
» Mt Rose: April 17
» Northstar: April 17
» Sierra: April 17
» Squaw Valley: May 30
» Sugar Bowl: April 24
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It hurts so much to see this considering I was there two weeks ago in 70 degree weather.
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Just returned from Mammoth today, Skied sat,sun, mon. The only thing that I can say is that the snow was GREAT, the visability was POOR!. Mon was sunny to cloudy the previous two were snow snow snow with wonderful ground conditions but you couldn't see past your nose! Had a GREAT TIME! Drove thru hwy 50 today, stopped at Sierra to get my picture took, snowing down to 3000 feet. Ski till Nov!!!!!
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I heard that because of some laws (or is it the environmentalists), that regardless of how much snow they get, Northstar (and maybe Sierra-tahoe) has to be closed by APril 17th. Does anyone know anything about this?

I was always wondering why Northstar always seem to close earlier than other resorts even when their base was still very good.
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The special use permit issued by the National Forest Service restricts dates of operations. It has not apparently been considered economical for the owners to go through the process of changing the permit to this point. Permit change would require California and National Environmental Quality Act revew documents and would likely be fought by environmentalists, like everything else here.

Booth Creek now manages the resorts and they may find the situation different; but spring revenues are historically low. Sierra in particular, has zero residential development or village development associated with it. I have often gone by in spring when the slopes are in perfect condition with fresh powder, but the area is closed. I expect the same thing this year, except with AT gear, I can go ski as a National Forest visitor, but no lift access.

Kirkwood will also have very skiable terrain after it closes May 1. Lots of people ski the surrounding backcountry into July. Bottom line is probably lack of interest and economics.

By the way, 18 feet on the ground at the summit and forecast is for another 18 inches to 2 feet by Monday PM. Banner year.
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