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Restaurants near Jay Peak

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We'll be at Jay Peak next week staying in one of the condos. Although we plan to cook most of our meals, it would be nice to dine out one or two nights. There have to be better options than the Hotel Jay.

Thanks for any recommendations.
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I was just up there last week. Not much close to the mountain. We ate at a small place called the Belfry on 242 heading toward Montgomery Center from Jay. Decent food. Apetizers were better than the entres. I haven't eaten at the Hotel Jay in about 12 years, but I remember it being very good.
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18 years ago the Belfry was the best food and value around. John always took real good care of the instructors who sent their students to him. Don't know if he is still around though. The "Blackened Delmonico" was my personal favorite.
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I'll put in my vote for the Belfry also. The homemade salad dressings and blackened salmon can't be beat after a day on the slopes. Don't forget the local beer on tap.
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Yep the Belfry. If you don't mind a short cruise 30 minutes North to Quebec go to Magog and have a sumptious meal in a wide array of great restaurants.
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Last time I ate at the Hotel Jay, the food was very good. It's been a few years, but I haven't heard that it's changed. It's a fixed-price, three-course meal.

The Belfry used to be one of our favorites, but recently they have been very spotty with food and service. We have actually walked out TWICE after being ignored while standing at the entrance for more than 20 minutes when it was not that busy. No acknowledgement that we were even waiting (what's so hard about saying, "I'll be with you as soon as possible, thanks for waiting"?). We've also had to return food to the kitchen, which I do NOT make a habit of doing, so that made an impression on us. Great atmosphere though.

I'm told the Jay Village Inn serves a good meal and portions are huge. I sampled someone's leftover pasta and thought it was pretty tastey. A guy from Montreal told me the other day he had a surprisingly good meal there.

The new Lodge at Jay is supposed to be good for steaks.

For a fine dining experience: Black Lantern Inn is the best, followed by Inn at Trout River.

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My wife and I are up in the Jay/Burke area almost every weekend. The best place we have found in the area is Lago's in Newport. FYI: If you go here, make sure you make reservations, the place is small and full on the weekends.

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I'm sure Doris Aiken has had her impact all the way to the Northeast Kingdom and a newer version of time/distance is used but...
18 years ago Newport was a "three beer" drive from the mountain.
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Mapquest rates it at 15-16 miles from Jay to Main St. Newport...about 25 min.

After the 3 hr drive to get to the Jay area from Merrimack each weekend, the drive from Jay to Newport seems pretty short...(we ususally stay at a hotel in Newport or Lyndonville depending on our Burke vs. Jay plans)
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Stache used to be a fast drinker.
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1 beer = 10 mins, that's about right.
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