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Originally Posted by OldSchool
Anything ski-related to confess? Cut off a snowboarder who ended up in a tree? Pretended not to find your friends at lunch, so you could ski at your own level all day? Think ski blades are it? Want to wear funky hats but you're too timid?
Post your confessions here.
You have got to be kidding right. We are talking about lucky Pierre here eh!. I don't have a month to write.
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I knuckledragged once.
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When I was much younger, we used to see how many people we could knock over without actually touching them (passing very close at very high speeds and scaring them enough to make them fall over). It only worked with the really timid wedge turners.
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I love skiboards.
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When I see good snowboarders flying down a groomer, with wide, carved turns, on edge the whole time, I tell myself I want to do learn to do that.

I specifically see this from a group of snowboard instructors (I'm at the point where I can recognize them), they look like they're having time off between teaching, and are out for some cool, fun runs. They do this is a group of four or five, one following the other's track, ... just ripping down some blues and blacks.
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Heights scare the hell out of me. I've been skiing for 42 years but the chairlift ride still sometimes gets to me. I NEVER jump, though I'll ski almost any slope that holds snow.
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When people riding up the lift with me ask how the conditions are in such-and-such a glade, sometimes I tell them it's skied out...then go ski it myself!

My husband is a patroller. A few weeks ago, we were ducking into a glade that had a pretty iffy entrance, but we knew the snow below was awesome. Two girls on snowboards asked us how it was, and my husband said: "It's as bad as it looks, all the way down. I just have to ski it because it's my job. No, just kidding." Then he went in. One of the girls wanted to follow, the other didn't, so I said, "He was just kidding. Once you get past these rocks, it's awesome." So they followed, and laughed and hooted all the way down. When they caught up with us, they said, "We promise not to tell anyone!"

Really, we don't do this ALL the time. Just two weekends ago, we were going up the lift with two guys who had never been to Jay. We gave them a locals' tour of the mountain because they could really rip in the trees!

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Once in my youth I partied (vodka drinks and beers don't mix)too hard the night before but still got up to ski the next day. Stood in line for 45 minutes at the old double chair at Sugarbush north ,was feeling a little woozy but then finally got on the chair. Two towers up I threw up over the chair and made the snow down below disgusting. Learned my lesson, have never thought of skiing while hung over again. I was pissed that I missed a ski day because I made 1 run then went home.
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Confessions... ummmm... I made yellow snow once. Oh and I actually took snowboard lessons once (don't hate me).
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@ thatsagirl

well your pretty nice, normally I am too, once I know that the people will return to the resort anyway, I show them the medium good runs, once they have hucked some cliffs with me, and I can be confident that they rip it even in the really steep (60°-70°, you will not find this usually in Austria due to avalanche danger, but my favourite resort is well below 2000m and inside a forest) I may guide them to the real stuff, favour return, but you don't want the wannabees skidding down the really steep stuff, massacering the landings, and getting the stones out.

So always try to scare them off, elite stays elite, coming up is hard. 5 years ago, there were basically no boarders who went down really difficult stuff, most skiers were old and reasonable, so me and my friends had it all for ourself, but times have changed, someone must have brought the message to Vienna (the next really big city), so those city people show up too -- I hate em

The only thing which frightens me in this resort is that the lift patrollers don't show up before 16.00. So if you get hurt, you will wait very long if it is not immeadiate.
Friends of mine were trapped between and needed a 50m rope to get down, had to freeze 5 hours at -10°C. It was so steep that they were afraid to move, they got pretty frozen but wanting to be cool and not taking the helicopter, they said they can wait till patrollers show up.
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ROTFLMAO at many of the posts!
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Ski School vs Patrol ---years on end of finding the Ski School Locker Room Door nailed shut in the morning.

Well, I lied. I know who it was who finally evened the score by glueing the Patrol's door shut with Const. Adhesive (then went and nailed the windows closed figuring they would go there next.
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I buy A-Basin season passes every other year in the spring, so that I can get two years of spring skiing for one pass.

(Actually I've only done this once, but I'm planning to do it again this year.)
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a few seasons ago in whistler some women in the condo next to me saw me taking the opportunity to pack my beer out in the snow to ice it down better(dont get a chance to do that in texas very often). i came out later to retrieve it and found the cans scattered with holes punched in the cans. couldnt automatically accuse them, but i then took the opportunity to put a small layer of grease outside their door in addition to the ice + snow. hopefully someone slipped. no one messes with a man's beer on ice !
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I was skiing along and some punk snowboarder came out of the trees and nearly hit me. I said, "Whatch where you are going" he said "Get out of my way", I kid you not. So I said, "F#*k You!" then he said,
F#*k you" right back at me as he boarded away, the dude had momentum and I had to slow down for my kids (bad dad, I know). I was ready to beat the sh@t out of the punk and I was so worked up that I kept scanning for him for the next couple of hours. I finally realized that I was being an idiot and relaxed.

That is my confession.
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I ski with another man's wife, and I'm not ashamed.
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Trail Rage at Killington

Two weekends ago - I ran a snowboarder into the trees and he yelled at me. So, I spun 180, stuck my ski pole in his gut and told him to make me get out of his way! He said, "You're F&^%ing crazy!"

Yeah - I guess in that moment I was - CRAZY MAD! No one is cutting between me and the trees and pushing me out of their way anymore. I yelled back that I have the right of way and a bunch of skiers cheered.

signed "bad kiersten"
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Originally Posted by Yuki
Warm spring day with that magic sunshine. All was right with the world. ... So I stretched out across the chair and fell asleep and didn't wake up till I heard the bullwheel ...... liftie was sleeping too! It was a weekday so not too many people saw me riding the chair back down.
You're not the only one to have done this. I did the exact same thing, under the exact same circumstances. The only difference was that I tripped the wand and was able to get off instead of riding the lift all the way back down. :embarrassed:

Tom / PM
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Ok, this is a great thread and we can't beat up on anyone who confesses something here. We all have sinned. I just have to say people who confess that they want to try or tried snowboarding once are telling something good about themselves. Tell us something wrong you have done, not something right! Many Barking Bears are good snowboarders, none of them feel like they need to confess anything about their snowboarding. If you have not learned to snowboard, how do you know you prefer skiing?
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Physicsman: I had my feet up on (across) the chair so I missed the wand.
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My only alpine skis are 120cm Atomic FunZone!
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Oh, I peed in the hot tub at ESA 3 as well. Right before WTFH got in. :
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Nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about. Wear it as a badge of courage.

When I lived in Whistler, back before Blackcomb or whatever its called. We used to take the early gondola because I worked at the round house - at the top. Instead of going to work we would sneak off and ski the fresh. The patroll had this cannon and they would fire bombs at the areas were slides were possible. Many landed rather close. When we finally got caught we were warned that those bombs were supposed to set off avalanches. We were real scared but we went back the next day. That was 1980 - 1981.
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Once I was wearing a fanny pack. That's bad enough, but there's actually more. It got stuck in the bars of the chairlift back, and when it was time to dismount, I stood up -- but didn't move. I did go all the way around the bullwheel before the liftie noticed. He stopped the lift, I dislodged myself and jumped off, etc. etc.
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I was charging over some cliffs, let my arm and pole get to my side, and the pole's basket got caught and pulled out Terry Schiavo's feeding tube.

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Snowboarding is so much cooler than skiing. Skiing is just for full slopes and very icy dayz. If slopes are empty get out your raceboard and freecarve it down, if their is powder go out on your 180cm long swallowtail and laugh about all skiers. But if you want to jump real high cliffs, get out some thin skis so the compression is less. Skiing is fun too, but it comes second
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Originally Posted by pheft
Heights scare the hell out of me. I've been skiing for 42 years but the chairlift ride still sometimes gets to me. I NEVER jump, though I'll ski almost any slope that holds snow.
I did fall out of a chair pretty high up years ago. It was all my brothers fault. He was bugging me and I took a swing at him a missed. It took the ski patrollers about and hour to eliminate the word Kill from my sentences.
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Jumped off a chair lift. Years ago, Camelback wouldn't let singles go up alone on teh triple chair..it was a buddy of mine, me and some kid about 12 or so. About 1/3 the way up, the chair is only about 10 freet from a trail so my buddy and I said to each other "Lets get off here", so we both jumped. The kid endedup going up alone. I am sure the lifties had some conversation about a single going up in the chair.

Senior year in high school. I skipped every day but three to ski...two of the three days I went to school, I was late..I skied those days too.
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Something embarassing, but not really a confession. I loaded one of our fixed grip quads with a bunch of rookie Jr instructors, and they didn't spread out correctly in the loading area. I ended up sittin on one's lap (a guy), and when we got about 5 feet off the ground, he pushed me off. I think it took a while for me to a) stop using the word "kill", and b) stop laughing.
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Nice try extremecarver, but no one is taking the bait.
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