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I once took one of the caution signs for closing trails and dont worry it was sitting all alone by a truck in the parking lot and it was the last day of the season, so it didnt matter (plus they have like millions). and i also showed off my skills on the bunny hill and someone hit me and i fell and sprained my wrist. that one went over real well w/ my friends, they found the video from my helmet-cam archive. lol
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Wanted For:

This was a fun thread, and I think it should keep going, so I'll post my skiing sins.

1) At an un-named Ellicottville NY ski area I was skiing SL turns down an un-named groomer (black diamond I think) and accidentally ran over the front of some guys skis (I mean left RR tracks on them). He got all pissed and started yelling at me at the bottom. I laughed at him, so he got patrol to follow me up the lift. I saw that patrol was coming and gave them a run for their money catching me. I kept my pass, and patrol and I had a good laugh about the poor fellow with a nice edge set in the front of his skis.

2) Also at the same resort I was making the first turns on my new powder skis on an evening that we had about 12 - 18 inches of fresh snow. I skied a closed trail and glade about 4 times in a row, finally getting caught by patrol. I resoned that I was only doing it to test my new skis out and had no intensions of disobeying area rules... he let me go.

3) I rarely put my bar down. I often get yelled at several times in one ski day by the same patroller/mountain staff to put my bar down. I say "okay" or "thanks" and still don't put my bar down.

4) At another western NY ski area I have been known to spray the people on the chair lift at the bottom of the headwall (the lift dips low). My brother and I do it just because we can.

5) One the same trail as above I will often ski it over and over just to hear ego building shouts from the lift regarding my skiing. When i hear the shouts i will start making the same turns but only on one foot...

6) I had relations with a cute young female snowboarder once... and I'm proud of it. (The rest of the story has been edited for content)

7) I almost got my ski team in a fight with some kid on 1080's who said I cut his girl friend off at our training hill. I asked him if he was pissed because we skied better than him... his mouth almost got him a beat down by a ski team.

8) I was accused of skiing "like an @sshole."

9) I was pulled over for speeding while at a race at Whiteface (Mt Run).

10) I have been pulled over for speeding at more ski areas than I can count on one hand.

11) I don't like to jump in terrain parks where people can watch me potentially screw up.

12) I wasn't always a ski racer. In fact I used to loathe their existence. I now defend ski racers and their actions - unless reckless.

13) If I see someone on a trail who seems to think they are a good skier (fellow skiers, instrucors, patrollers), I will make it a point to ski past them making it blatantly obvious to all in the viewing area that they are not very good. If it happens to me - I work harder.

Thats all for now. There is more, but this is starting to get long... and kind of discouraging. I may in fact be going to hell.


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they stopped u for speeding on the mtn?
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Originally Posted by SkiStarr90
they stopped u for speeding on the mtn?
There are certain sections and trails marked as slow skiing zones. They will and should stop you for skiing too fast on these trails and sections, particularly if you are endangering others by your actions (ie. out of control, skiing/boarding too close to others, etc,). They are marked for a reason. Many of these marked trails have been set aside for beginners and novices.

Two years ago on such a trail, clearly marked, "slow skiing family trail", my then 6 year old great niece was making nice, slow but parallel turns. She was moving at about the same speed as the majority of skiers on the trail. Her mother, two brothers and I were with her. She was definately not on terrain over her ability.

Suddenly several teen, some on boards others on skis, came flying down the trail. Some were out of control, others would have been fine on other trails going the speed they were, but NOT on this trail. One of the boarders hit a lip where the mountain road (for summer use) crosses the trail and became airbound. He crashed into my great niece and knocked her down like a bowling pin. She was crying, but fortunately, not injured badly. She did have a mild concussion, and a slice through her ski pants where the board ran across them. While her mother attended to her, I followed the kids to the bottom. I knew the line would be long and I would have little trouble finding them. As I approached them, I heard them joking and laughing about him "taking her out".

Having been a patroller at another area, I knew many of the patrollers and safety patrol at this area. I spotted one I knew in line and took my skis off and went to him. He took his skis off and went with me back to the kids. He also dispatched another patroller to check on my niece.

When we got to the kids they were still laughing about "knocking her down just like a bowling pin". He asked them if they thought it funny and they started to give him lip. The kid that hit her said that she had no business being on that hill, she was skiing too slow. It was pointed out to him that that was a family trail and was posted slow skiing. The kid insisted he was going slow and in control and tried to make an excuse saying that she skied in front of him and fell.

I confronted him and told him that I had witnessed the entire event. He said that I didn't know what I was talking about. The patroller took his pass, and told him to go to the customer service desk in 2 weeks...he could have it back. He also told him that he should have stopped to make sure she was ok and would have been able to if he had not been going so fast.

If they see them, patrollers should stop skiers/boarders that are skiing too fast on a given trail. Particularly those who are out of control or a danger to others there. At the little hill where I work, I do not stop many...but if they are clearly a danger to others or themself, I will.
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What teachski said. I don't open it up on crowded slopes, but in the morning patrollers and other mountain safety staff are positioned in areas where slow skiing signs are erected. In the case of mountain run at whiteface you are hauling when you come off that trail on a pair of GS skis - especially if youre one of the first people up the gondola that morning. One race days they seem to be especially strict, so they give all the racers the "slow down or next time its your pass, and talk with your coach" speech. I will say that I have never "taken anyone out" while skiing... the only close call was the gentleman who cut in front of me and had his tips run over.
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I completey forgot abot the "slow zones" its been a little while since spring break.
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I was warned once for "skiing in a tuck". I was in control. There was nobody near me. I think the patrollers were just jealous that they didn't have the balls to ski that fast. Mind you, I was similarly "in control" when I was unable to slow down sufficiently for a ridge/launching ramp that went right across a run and spent some time unconcious at tree-top level.
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Sir you are scaring the customers.
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Originally Posted by slider
Sir you are scaring the customers.

What? Who?
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Originally Posted by Ghost
I was warned once for "skiing in a tuck". I was in control. There was nobody near me. I think the patrollers were just jealous that they didn't have the balls to ski that fast. Mind you, I was similarly "in control" when I was unable to slow down sufficiently for a ridge/launcing ramp that went right across a run and spent some time unconcious at tree-top level.
It's not that we don't have the "balls" to ski that fast (well I don't, but that's cause I'm a female), it's that we have the BRAINS to know where and when such behavior is appropriate and where and when it is not.

In training, I came down a slope at a certain Massachusetts area in the back of a patrol toboggan like a bat out of HELL one night. The slope was empty and they patroller pulling the sled was in control at all times.

Patrollers are HUMAN and do enjoy having fun too you know. They are not there to "get you". They are there to help you if you need it....

Now that we have totally sidetracked this thread....

OK, back to the REAL topic:

in addition to what I already divulged...

In the "Showing Off" category.
On the first trip that I took with a group as a chaperone (just out of college, local youth group), I ended up with two broken thumbs. Rear-Entry boots were the thing to have, so were easy-in grip poles. On the way up the lift in front of group of the kids I was chaperoning, I bumped the release for my boot on the pole of the foot rest. They were very sensitive and it released, but I did not notice it. As I left the lift ramp I decided to be "cool" and do some 360's. My boot opened wide and my foot came out of it. I fell and broke BOTH thumbs (thanks to the poles).

Similar, but different results:
A few years ago I was skiing with a niece and some friends. I flew past to get ahead of them. As I was going ahead I was taking my camera out and doing a 180 to get into position to take their picture. While doing this, I caught an edge and fell flat on my face. I was laughing so hard they thought I was crying....
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Skiing the pipeline at Stowe (its a little known trail, that if i got caught on id get killed by ski patrol, its a 5' wide trail made when trhey put a pipe up the mtn.) its 900 feet froma ny other trail so u cant see it from anywhere. my friend who is a former patroller told about it. when i was skiing after a good dump of snow and got stuck and had to call patrol to come get me b/c i couldnt free my jacket from the tree and was stuck in snwo aswell. i wasnt happy
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Originally Posted by SkiStarr90
What? Who?
A Patrolmen informed me last year.
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I had only one K2 ski, with a sidecut of 98/67/92 (it was very old) and I skied on it every day, even in the deep powder out in Utah. The Ski Performed excellent in the bumps though. (I finally bought some Fischer Big Stix that arent too much bigger but they should make quite a difference, 115/76/100)
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Originally Posted by gbubnis
One time I took some dorks stuff out of a ski locker and instead of piling it neatly, I left it strewn all over the place. I went through someone's cooler also.

Well, after skiing it took me FOR EVER to get the broken toothpick out of my lock mechanism.

Seriously though.

About the worst thing for me is when I'm going 4x as fast as the unsuspecting person in front of me and I fail to predict their decision to make a wide traverse right to the edge of the trail. If its really gonna be close I'll yell "on your right/left!" to give them some warning before I cruise by.

I try to stick to uncrowded trails for this reason, but sometimes it just happens.
That may have been i in front of you. Early Feb/2005, upper Gore mt. Sorry i was absorbed.
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I've got a few. I'm actually a bit of an ass...

I wish one piece sunice suits were still made. Something about the contrast of fluorescent colours against white snow really gets me going.

When I gotta pee, to hell with the lodge. I just whip it out and water the nearest tree. I'm sure I'm not alone on that one.

Sometimes I'll stand on someone's ski tails in the liftline just to see if they'll notice.

On one occasion I actually made up olympic style score cards and put them in my pack just in case someone yardsaled on the liftline.

Once I lost my touque while going up the lift and it happened to drop in a no access area. On the next trip up two of the people on the lift with me saw the hat, and pointed and laughed at it. I was hurt, but laughed too and agreed that i would not want to meet the character who wears a day glo pink and green wool hat with a tassle.
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LOL I wish I'd thought of the "scorecards" maybe I'll get a mini-white-board and an Expo marker, and make my own little scores.
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