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Quicksilver buys Rosignol for $320 Million

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Check it out, I know it may not always be the best source for info, but its usually pretty good when its coming from the top (not the forums):

Any thoughts?
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Count on the newschoolers to be up on the business news. Whaa-?
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Waht the hell does Quicksilver make???
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Quiksilver makes beach wear and surfboards.

This is gonna be quite a lucrative and interesting buy on Quiksilver's part. I'm guessing that Rossignol is gonna have a bigger chunk of the snowboarding market with this since most people that surf also snowboard. And Quiksilver definitely has the full intention of marketing the two hand in hand...at least one would assume.

I just hope this doesn't make the lineups even more crowded during the summer. :
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hmm. never knew quicksilver was that big. wasn't sure they were even still around until i saw a commercial just the other day (featuring multiple snowboarders appearing over a ridge to the sound of popping corn)...what i did know is that i bought a waterproof daypack on the cape about 5 years back...and it's remained watertight and good as new in spite of regular use/abuse ever since...unlike some products i've purchased bearing well-known and respected brands...my $.02
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Originally Posted by Jersey Tom
Quiksilver makes beach wear and surfboards.
Thanks, don't surf but it sounded familiar.
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started here in australia
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thats two post on this and still Rossignol not spelled correctly...
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Any thoughts?
Sorry thoughts !
Since Adidas bought Salomon, Rossignol was the last of the big french ski companies (as Dynastar is a subsidiary of Rossignol), and the oldest. It was still owned and managed by the founder familly, but none of the young Boix-Vives were interested in the compagny. It was also not very profitable. Large as it is, Rossignol is managed as a small family business and still build its skis in France (when K2 or Salomon go to china) at high costs. The take over make perfect sense, but, as a frenchman, I would have loved to see Rossignol stay french !
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It's quite old news. Read about it 3 weeks ago in the business section of my newspaper. Maybee we're going to see some real cool quicksilber freeride or freestyle skis.
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Are we sure the French government won't block the sale? Quelle horreur! A national treasure taken over by les Surfers?

As I recall the Nordica and Benneton thing did not work out to the advantage of skiers, let's hope this turns out better...
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It will be interesting to see if :

Rossi becomes more about "lifestyle" than skiing; and,

if production is moved to China to boost revenue.
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Its a sad day indeed. The rich heritage of Rossignol now a division of a surf wear company. Sign of the times though.
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hey common surfers aren't as bad. Take F2 for example.
F2 Raceboards have been the brand winning most podiums for practically the last 10 years, this year a small swiss company called kessler did better - If I am not wrong. But at least F2 gave out great Raceboards to the public. They actually didn't differ the production method public vs pro's until 3 years ago. (Duocap = Sandwich in the middle / cap at front and back is not ridden in the worldcup AFAIK). The quality of their boards was so good that unsponsored riders on the worldcup bought their boards of the shelf for racing. (this actually destroyed the market, as nearly all raceboards on the market are too diffucult to ride, too demanding for the mainstream and too specialized - so hardbooters did disappear). Those surfers are the only company still producing raceboards for the main market, all other big companies stopped, let's not take HOT as a mainstream brand, though they are close. Who owns HOT at the moment anyway.

At least I can imagine that those really shitty Rossignol snowboards get replaced for the better, for skis IMO it will not make a difference. Maybee Quicksilver will market and (invent) real extremecarving skis.
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"F2 Raceboards have been the brand winning most podiums for practically the last 10 years" true but nobody cares about race snowboarding NOBODY
"managed by the founder familly" not really the B-Vs bought out the Rossignols in the 50s iirc the Rossis all live in Florida or somewhere now.
"loved to see Rossignol stay french !" so is atomic Finnish then?
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I hope that they don't run Rossi into the ground.errr snow.
Love my Rossi's would hate to see them go under.
Check out the prin version of USA TODAY. I saw the story there this am.
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Quicksilver is a pretty well run company. I bought a nice block of this stock ZQK about 2 years ago at $17.31. Needless to say I like them even at the current $29.50 that is about 35% per year growth.

I do not think they will hurt Rossignol
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"managed by the founder familly" not really the B-Vs bought out the Rossignols in the 50s iirc the Rossis all live in Florida or somewhere now.
A romantic short cut... I stand corrected.

"loved to see Rossignol stay french !" so is atomic Finnish then?
Well, yes ! And Völkl is american. Now, let's rather say I hope Rossignols and Dynastars will be still made and designed in France.
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What a shame... Does Quicksilver (Roxy for the girls) make surf boards? I've only seen apparel: T-Shirts, sandals, baggy pants, watches etc. Sell is the term, not necessarily make. I don't know to what extend of what they are selling is rebatched, not genuine, but it's quite some, dude.
They can't touch companies like DaKine or Schoeffel, to name a couple, IMHO.
On the bright side, they spend money on riders and events. Compared to overall revenue it might be pocket change, to the riders it's not.
I can't tell how many companies they've bought before, which, like Rossignol, offer genuine product. I believe that would be the measuring stick...
Would have to speculate here, but I believe sooner or later Rossi skis and snowboards will come from China or other low cost company.

On the side: As far as watersports are concerned, F2 has a substantially different background, in windsurfing, actually. Yes, they only shape their boards and manufacturing takes place in Thailand. Saving grace: most of all windsurf boards come from there (Cobra factory) anyway, no matter what manufacturer. And it's not your classic outsourcing case either... they've been the first to figure out how to make windsurf boards which hold together despite the mass production environment. The Thai's in this case earned their position the old fashioned way: better product.

Volkl, oh well... Their kid's skis already came fom Elan (Slovenia) before K2 took over. Genuine production of Volkl skis in Germany continues to erode. As far as I read (Spiegel magazine, Germany), K2 switched some production ("entry-level" ski line) to China already.
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Quicksilber has been around in the Surf industry for a long time. I have not been involved in the surf Industry for years now. Ocean Pacific, Quicksilver, Hurley , Patigonia and a few other companies have made multi millionairs out of otherwise perfectly respectable Surf bums. I'm sure that things have changed with most of these companies and the bean counters are keeping things going while the the guys who started it all are playing.
Quicksilver, at one time made very good Wetsuits, Surfboards and Surf trunks. Thier boards that were made in the uS were made under Lic from The parent Co in Australia. You might be right about moving some of thier prodution to Asia since they have strong ties to that part of the world.
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Rossignol skis already are bland. this will make them blander. on to more boring subjects, please. :
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The bean counters sure enogh have good marketing research and strategist.
Is Quicksilver still offering gear? Haven't seen any but I might be wrong.

In this context, PATAGONIA deserves some recognition - Their clothes (at least the underwear I got from them) come with a label that reads ("Made in U.S.A.").
It's hard these days to shop for clothes, electronics etc. made in a normal country, let alone Canada or the US. Add skis to the list.
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I believe the French only work 35 hour weeks and they get A LOT of vacation days. God time for the quiksilver folks to move to France.
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Originally Posted by waxman
thats two post on this and still Rossignol not spelled correctly...
Spelling Nazi.

Or I mean speling Nasi.
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So will Rossi and Dynastar be sold at Walmart now?
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At Walmart... Would be awesome (;->). Alright... it's weekend now, so let's lighten up a little... and toy with some flawed reasoning:
Don't they say that Walmart sent America on a sell-out downward spiral - see the Rubbermaid case? And isn't is so that, who works at Walmart, has arrived at the end of the staircase - only being able to affort what Walmart sells?
So, in conclusion, wouldn't that mean that the stereotyipcal single mom check-out girl could send her talented kids to skiing after all? Establishing America as the leading skiing nation! Leaving behind defiant Euros and Canadians, who just don't get it? We ought to support that, should we not.
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