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Northern VT conditions?

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I had posted this a few weeks ago but my daughter and I are going to Stowe and Jay Wednesday thru Saturday of this week. Staying at the Golden Eagle Resort in Stowe and CANNOT WAIT!! I think we will ski Jay on Thursday and Stowe on Friday. Both mountains still are touting packed powder conditions. Thought of Sugarbush but decided to ski further north.

Has anyone been up that way in the past few days? Their websites and still sound good but you never know. Any other insider knowledge we should know??


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I skied at Jay on Saturday. The snow conditions were still midwinter, temps were in the high 20s with sunny skies and a cool wind. Coverage was excellent, lots of snow on trails and in the woods, with the usual heavy-traffic areas getting icy by the end of the day. We skied in spring layers and sunglasses. This week, it's been in the 30s at the base and in the 20s at the summit, with temps dropping below freezing every night. I expect the conditions will be quite nice for you.

I haven't talked to anyone who's skied Stowe lately, but I suspect they are having similar conditions.

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I skied Sugarbush today (Lincoln Peak side)...FANTASTIC! The sun was out, but the winds were keeping things cool up on the hill, so the snow stayed firm and fast. They were having the VT Ski Areas Ski Bum Championships - tons of folks from all over VT which was cool. Skied Stowe last week - pretty much the same coverage as the Bush. I don't think you can go wrong.
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Stowe = pretty sweet today. Spring conditions. Skied Spruce in the morning, it got pretty slushy in the afternoon. A good time to hit the shadier trails like Nosedive, Chinclip, etc.
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